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Positive Thought Starters

Get the most out of your day with our award winning happiness tool.

Just $24.99 per deck!

Too Busy To Stop And Smell The Roses?

Newsflash: Those Roses Aren’t Going To Wait Around Forever.

That Daily Grind That’s Wearing You Down?

You Created It.

Which Is Excellent News.

Because It Means You Can Change It.

What if instead of wasting life away waiting for your next holiday, you actually lived like you were on holiday everyday?

If there’s a small but serious question floating around in your mind asking ‘is this it?’ then it’s time to clean up how you show up everyday.

Because your happiness doesn’t materialise out of thin air and smack you in the forehead one day.

Your happiness is a habit.


Positive Thought Starters.

A Little Box That Packs A Punch Straight Into Negativity’s Face.


It’s all about priming yourself for positivity,
and turning happiness into
a habit.



It’s the simple + award-winning tool to increase your happiness.

With 50 thought-provoking prompt questions, you’ll be able to hone in on the high points of your day, figure out what truly makes you happy, and build a confident, constructive mindset so that you can live everyday like you’re in holiday mode: happy, glowing, smiling + loving life.


Just $24.99 per deck!

It’s Time To Get Real About Positive Thinking.


Before you roll your eyes at rainbows and lollipops and mystical unicorns playing harps BS.

Positive thinking is a trail blazer.

It’s not pretty.

It’s powerful.

It’s not something nice that you read on a fridge magnet and then forget.

It’s instrumental to your happiness and the way you see life.

If You Want To Get Out Of Your Daily Grind And Live Beyond Your ‘Is This It?’ Situation, Positive Thinking Is The Tool That Will Get You There.


And These Positive Thought Starters Are All You Need.

Here’s the scientific deal:

You have 65,000 thoughts a day.

Most of these thoughts are negative.

You only have an opportunity add in a VERY small % of new thoughts in a day.

Most of your thoughts are on repeat from the previous days.

What are you going to do with your daily opportunity to add in new thoughts?

Are you going to add in more crap about how you need to lose weight before you can be happy? Or that you need that promotion before your feel at peace? Or how you need to find the perfect guy before life can start?

Or are you going to add in helpful, productive thoughts that transform your day?

“The application of this practical and fabulous tool promotes the daily mindful cultivation of positive thoughts, feelings and experiences into the fabric of our brains. The results include lasting inner strengths which promote health, wellbeing and happiness. Our brain ‘default position’ can literally be transformed from a negative focus to the positive.”

Kristen Barnes, Psychologist






Psychologist endorsed, backed by science + less than $25 a box?

You want to live life to the fullest.

I know because that was one of the top ranked New Year’s Resolution google searches.

You’re not alone. Almost 19 million people searched it.

This deck of cards will help you get there.

These cards will make your day, lighten your week + change your life.

Because Your Mindset Is The Gap Between Where You Are Now And Everything You’ve Ever Wanted.

Get A Mindset, Confidence And Life Coach In Your Back Pocket. For A Gajillionth Of The Price.

Buy your deck and into the positivity rebellion NOW!


Side effects may include:

  • Setting bigger goals
  • Having limitless energy
  • Stepping out of the shadows and into the light
  • Believing anything is possible for you
  • Making a difference in the world
  • Living life to the fullest
  • Sleeping better

These are not nice cards.

They’re life changing cards.

They’re shaking up the daily grind cards.

They’re deadly serious happiness cards.


Quick Rapid Fire About The Cards + Me:

I’m Clare Desira. A speaker, product developer, and founder of the Top Five Movement, and my own positive thoughts have helped me share my vision for the world on the TEDx stage.
I’ve also shared my work with thousands in corporations, not-for-profits, leadership programs and schools.

With 45% of Australians likely to experience a mental health condition in their lifetime, this tool has never been more important.

I know these cards will help change that stat.

Why? Because research.

Research shows those who practice a positive thinking habit live longer, are healthier (mentally + physically), happier, more confident, less lonely, more relaxed and are able to sleep better.

Told you this product is changing lives and truly making the world a better place.

“THESE CARDS!!!!! A little box of happiness that will fit in your pocket, in your briefcase, on your coffee table or even next to your bed! Do yourself a favour and grab a box of these to help remind you every day there is something to be grateful for! My partner James and I (and anyone in my captive audience lol!) read at least 3 of these question cards each night with our cuppa and share our top moments of the day! It creates a lot of laughter and makes you think about what you are grateful for especially when your day hasn’t gone the way you planned!

Wendy Johnston

When You Buy The Positive Thought Starters, You Get:

  • An award winning happiness tool.
  • A beautifully designed deck of 50 question cards in a tube which fits beautifully in the palm of your hand (… and has no corners so doesn’t get damaged in your bag)
  • A mindset, confidence and life coach for your back pocket.
  • A tool to support your loved ones to explore their own happiness.
  • A cheat sheet to understand what makes your loved ones happy.
  • Access to The Positivity Rebellion – we’ll share regular and simple tools for a happier life with you, starting over the next month with over 25 ways to use your cards yourself, with your loved ones and at work.


Designed + printed in Melbourne on recycled paper using soy based inks, we’ve got your eco-friendly, local business supporting heart singing.

“My husband and I are both hooked. I am finding out so much about his day that would have otherwise remained hidden.”

Melanie Gibson


Thought leaders, coaches and wellness experts have also jumped on board the movement and contributed a question to your new happiness habit:



  • Rachel MacDonald, Coach, Writer + Speaker, In Spaces Between
  • Sue Muller, Coach, Smile Chickie
  • Charby Ibrahim, Health Coach, The Ancestral Body
  • Jo Parker, Life + Confidence Coach, Heart Sparks
  • Amy Somers, Coach, Peace of Advice
  • Julie Parker, CEO, Beautiful You Coaching Academy
  • Kate Erlenbusch, Writer, Word Love by Kate
  • Kate McCormack, Life + Business Coach Maddison Vernon, Coach
  • Rhiannon Colarossi, Coach, The Wellbeing Web
  • Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, Coach, The Beauty Of Life


“When I am feeling down or lost I choose a card and it always turns my day around. I love them. I also have some to give for birthday presents. They are such a great gift, uplifting, inspiring and motivating.”

Bev Whyfon

Just $24.99 per deck!

Your Questions, Answered:

So Clare, how do I use the cards?

You’re not just buying the cards, you’re joining a positivity rebellion.  We’re here to hold your hand and share the best of the best simple tools for a happier life.  Plus once you purchase your cards, over the next month we’ll send you 25 ways to use the cards yourself, with your friends and family and at your work.

Can we order loads of decks and get a discount?

We’ve had butchers, bakers and candlestick makers make bulk orders. Okay, maybe not the butchers + bakers but we’ve had teachers, physios, coaches, event managers, team leaders, stylists and image coaches, psychologists, school counsellors, brides, gift stores, youth mentors and more making bulk orders.  Interested?  Contact us for an order form.

How do I spread more positivity in our workplace?

Hit us up for a bulk discount or better yet, book us to run a workshop at your workplace and leave your team feeling inspired, pumped and brimming with tools to prime them for productivity and positivity.  Plus once you buy your deck we’ll send you loads of ideas on how to use the cards in your workplace.

Do you have a kids pack?

We sure do over here

But don’t rule these ones out for your little ones. One customer told us, “These cards are helping my three year old understand new feelings like pride, kindness and confidence.”

One mum shared that our cards are “such a wonderful thing to open dialogue with our pre-teen youngster. It get us all thinking about what really matters and what makes our hearts sing!”

One mum discovered them when googling innovative ways to support her teenager with anxiety.

One mum bought the cards for her daughter who was getting caught up in her high pressure job and was so busy being busy that she’d forgotten how to enjoy life.

Your kids will love them.

Can I use them with my clients?

Plenty of psychologists, coaches and teachers are using these cards with their clients and students.  The cards help clients build and flex their positive thinking and mental health muscles.  Warning: they may also have them stepping out of comfort zones loads and chasing braver bigger goals too. Want a bulk order? Just contact us for prices.

I’m pretty positive already…. Do I need these?

We believe everyone needs to continually fuel their life with positive and helpful thoughts and keep building those resilience muscles.  We’ve learnt first hand how important a positive habit like using these cards can make when life throws us some of the most challenging curveballs.

“My brother/sister/cousin/friend is really negative, how can I get them to be more positive?”

I know what it is like to be worried about a loved one going through an extremely tough time. Sleepless nights. Trying everything. Trying nothing when it feels too hard or like you aren’t sure what the right thing to do next is. It took me a long time to realise that I can only truly be responsible for my own happiness. Sure I could leave clues and make suggestions but the rest is up to them.

This lesson has been a big driver of my work. How can I create simple tools for a happier life? How can I package up the tried and true things I know can make us happier and share them for others to pick up and give them a crack?

I am not saying that life will be totally rosy with these cards in your pocket. Life throws us all curveballs when we least expect them and in this busy world it is no wonder we feel mentally drained sometimes.

But one thing I know for sure is that these question cards can really stop unhelpful and negative thoughts in their tracks and help us see the positive…. and if that’s even for a moment it is worth it.

I believe happiness is a habit and these cards are an easy way to kick off a new habit and see things differently in our lives (plus did we mention that a psychologist has given the cards a thumbs up as they can actually change our brains from having a negative lens to a more positive lens over time?).

Just $24.99 to grab a deck AND join the rebellion!


How many packs would you like to buy?