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We believe happiness is a habit

Small shifts and dozens of pint-sized ‘right actions’ – have made a massive difference to our lives.

We believe in using simple tools to overcome those pesky excuses that separate you and a happier life.

Why tools? You have to use tools to get a result. It is no good having a tool belt full of shiny tools and not doing anything with them.

How to use this site: Start with which excuses below get in your way and discover over 100 tools that may help shift those excuses.

But first lets us introduce our two most famous tools and why they work:

Writing a Top Five List

Every day, write down five positive things. I’m not talking about the roof over your head or the nourishing meal on your plate. I’m talking about the people, experiences, things, happenings and tools that you’re grateful for each day.

This little habit not only has enormous benefits for individuals but has become a movement
of generosity and happiness. We believe it can change the world.

We’ve even shared it on the TEDx stage, at universities, in publications and more.

Find out moreCLICK HERE

Top Five Movement 

Our AWARD-WINNING tool! These 50 thought-provoking questions highlight your brightest moments, underscore what makes you happy and can help form a confident, constructive mindset.

These questions help reveal the remarkable moments of each day. From the tiny to the tremendous, enhance your wellbeing and set yourself up for success with every card. You will dig beneath the surface and notice the tiny moments that make you burst with joy (because sometimes we can be a little clueless about them!).

Let’s train your brain to see them.

top five movement positive thought startersCLICK HERE

excuse me, enough about
those two
(attention stealing, famous)

…let’s talk about you, the excuses that hold you back and how we can make some change together…

We surveyed our readers…and your results are in. The five excuses below are getting in the way.

I hope these tools** can help!

**Tools = over 100 worksheets, exercises, tips, posts, quotes, podcasts, courses, questions to reflect on, books and more!


I am too busy and don’t have the time to take action on my goal/s (maybe I’ll do it later)


Over HALF OF YOU have this excuse pop up between you and a happier life.

sound like you?Read more

I don’t have the confidence or energy to take action on my goal/s


Over HALF OF YOU have this excuse pop up between you and a happier life.

sound like you?Read more

I know what I need to do but I procrastinate on my goal/s

sound like you?Read more

I need to lose weight first/earn more/do something else before I take action on my goal/s


A quarter of you are waiting for something before taking steps towards that happier life.

sound like you?Read more

My own unhelpful thoughts and negative thinking get in the way


A quarter of you get stuck with unhelpful thinking instead of taking steps towards that happier life.

sound like you?Read more

engaging and

speakingREAD MORE

Clare Desira, our Top Five Movement founder’s presentations have been called:

‘inspiring, engaging, thought provoking, & remarkable’

and she has a reputation for impacting her audiences with her raw, real, accessible message.

So if you’re looking for someone to: get your team focused ahead of a planning day
lift energy before a break
have your audience leaving on a high
expand your audience’s understanding of their true potential and the incredible power of positive thinking
Clare's your womanLEARN MORE
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fancy some 1:1
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Which excuse holds you back most? (please tick one only)

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