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We believe negative thinking is boring

We also believe you can scrap the idea of rainbow unicorn positive thinking.

We’re all about productive, encouraging and helpful thinking.

Because the thing is, we’ve only a small chance to add new thoughts into our mind each day.  It’s time to make those thoughts count.

So whether you’re a corporate team, event manager, school or community group, we’ve got the award winning speeches, workshops and tools to help you and your audiences make that happen.



Use these fun cards to help the little ones in your life build a strong mindset and resilience from a young age.

Cards include:

  • 12 question cards to encourage little ones to think differently about their day.
  • 12 activity cards to help them practice mindfulness or to help them improve the way they are feeling.
  • 8 feeling and emotion cards to help little ones understand and describe their feelings (anxious, bored, calm, frustrated, happy, lonely, sad and scared).
  • 32 positive affirmation cards to help you encourage, support and inspire the little ones in your life.
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Top Five Movement

Our AWARD-WINNING tool! These 50 thought-provoking questions highlight your brightest moments, underscore what makes you happy and can help form a confident, constructive mindset.

These questions help reveal the remarkable moments of each day. From the tiny to the tremendous, enhance your wellbeing and set yourself up for success with every card. You will dig beneath the surface and notice the tiny moments that make you burst with joy (because sometimes we can be a little clueless about them!).

Let’s train your brain to see them.

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engaging and

speakingREAD MORE

Clare Desira, our Top Five Movement founder’s presentations have been called:

‘inspiring, engaging, thought provoking, & remarkable’

and she has a reputation for impacting her audiences with her raw, real, accessible message.

So if you’re looking for someone to: get your team focused ahead of a planning day
lift energy before a break
have your audience leaving on a high
expand your audience’s understanding of their true potential and the incredible power of positive thinking
Clare's your womanLEARN MORE
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coaching for you or
your team?


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