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About Clare

I believe that happiness is a habit.

I believe that how you feel is more important than what you achieve.

And I believe that we’re all so much more powerful than we realise…

Hey there! I’m Clare Desira, writer, speaker, coach, product developer, and founder of the Top Five Movement.

It makes me smile that the most positive people I know say that I am the most positive person they know (I’ve even been called a ‘positivity guru’!). Lots of people have asked me what my secret is – Was I born super happy? Do I lead a charmed life? Did I just win the happiness lottery (or the real lottery, for that matter!)?

The answer is none of these things. There is no secret or magic formula, and it isn’t luck (genetic or otherwise).

The truth is, I treat happiness like a habit – same as brushing my teeth or eating my veggies. And I make this choice every day.



When I was 21, I had a major light-bulb moment that set me on this path. I was attending a personal development conference, and had a mind-blowing epiphany: I had the power to do and be anything I wanted. Anything.

Now, this wasn’t one of those wishy-washy realisations that fades the second you leave the workshop, this was one of those Holy Smokes ‘aha’ moments where my entire perspective on life tangibly shifted. I realised I could switch gears whenever I wanted – I could step out of my ho-hum, just-cruising-along existence and decide to rise up and do something meaningful and amazing instead.

So I did.

Lest you think I suddenly became Superwoman, let me assure you: I didn’t! In fact, the people around me probably didn’t even notice the tidal wave of change that had washed over me, especially at first.

But baby-step by baby-step, tiny tweak by tiny tweak, I started taking responsibility for who I was and what I did, and in the process, began creating the kind of life that actually made me jump-out-of-bed-excited to be living it.

This practical approach small shifts, little habits, dozens of pint-sized ‘right actions’ made a massive difference to my life.

It started with my Top Five practice, and it’s now the philosophy that underscores all my work.

See, I believe that it’s in the little, everyday things where we can find the most joy and meaning. I believe it’s in the hundreds of small decisions we make each day that we can create phenomenal change. And I believe that even the tiniest of moments have such potent possibility and power.

What do I mean by this? It’s simple, really. Do you choose to get upset during the traffic jam? Or do you choose to rock out to the radio instead? Do you choose to resent the act of hanging out the laundry? Or do you choose to take note of the blazing blue sky overhead?

Sound unrealistic?

Before you start thinking that I’m the rainbows-and-lollipops type – an idealistic but impractical Pollyanna – let me confess: I definitely still have flat moments… I think life is all about ebbs and flows, ups and downs, and truly feeling whatever feelings come your way.

But basically, I want to choose to see the brighter side whenever I can. I want to prime myself for positivity. I want to consciously cultivate gratitude and joy. Because I’ve experience first-hand how much more meaningful and fulfilling life can be when you make that choice.

My goal is to make positivity as practical as possible…

I’ve spent the past 12 years doing this – designing, delivering and directing personal development and leadership programs across the country for a wide range of different sectors. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience to facilitate the growth and transformation of so many remarkable individuals, and I still love every minute of it!

Now, though, I want to start delivering this incredible message of positivity and possibility in a new way too…

That’s where this online space – and the Top Five Movement itself – come into play.

I know that life can be crazy-busy. I know that most of us don’t have the time (or the desire!) to spend a month at an Ashram searching for inner peace. I know that most of us are stretched thinner than we’d like and that some days it’s all we can do to simply keep it together long enough to make it home and crash out on the couch.

So here, in this little corner of the web, I want to provide you with the tools, ideas, and posts that can actually make a difference to your life. Not impractical crap for the Insta-perfect life you wish you had; just genuinely useful stuff for the real-deal, here-and-now existence that you’re living right this very moment.

Because you know what? That’s all we ever have. And you know what else? That’s where all the magic is…


As well as being a writer, coach, speaker and product developer, I also have a full-time corporate gig that I LOVE. Along with creating and facilitating personal development and leadership programs, I connect skills and resources to the sectors that need it most – environment, Indigenous, health, education, volunteering, homelessness, community, and supporting women to have a confident relationship with money. (Inspiring social change, corporate responsibility, and forward-thinking leadership is incredibly important to me.)

I created this space for a reason.Writing my Top Five each day, and choosing to look for the joy in life, has made me happier, healthier, calmer, more centred, more motivated… more everything. 
An overwhelming body of science backs up this practice, and I can tell you it’s 100% true from my own personal experience.

So on days when things are overwhelming me and I feel closer to ‘pissed off’ than positivity (!), I always come back to the ultimate mission behind my work:

If one person becomes more energetic, optimistic and generous from writing their Top Five, what difference could they make to the world?

And what if two, five, ten, a hundred people chose to practice positivity in this way?

And what if everybody started doing it and became more energetic, optimistic and generous… what would our world look like then? Would it be a world where people thrived like never before? Where kindness was our default way of living? Where we cared for and valued our planet? Where no one was in need?

I don’t know all the answers – yet. But I intend to keep finding them. And friend, more than anything, I would love to have you along for the ride…

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Thanks so much for swinging by… It means the world to me that you’re here. Clare x


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