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It’s Time to Fire Negative Thinking
From Your Team

Not only is it boring, it steals your energy, sleep, and time.

It looks like excuses, finger pointing and laziness.

  • People pulling in different directions

  • More energy spent on the politics than the opportunities

  • Everyone misses out

The individual misses out. The team misses out. The world misses out.

What a waste. 

There’s another way.

We’re Top Five Movement…

…and we’ve flipped the script on mindset + resilience training. They don’t call us the most refreshing take on mindset, resilience, leadership and productivity for nothing.

As a team of award-winning mindset coaches, we highlight the choice, dismiss the idea of fluffy positive thinking, and get practical. At Top Five we help you develop new perspectives, raise the bar on solutions, and help your team take better care of each other along the way.

We show you and your team how to retrain and rewire your brain on a daily basis.



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Clare Desira

Clare Desira is the founder of the Top Five Movement and has worked with thousands of people in 40 countries to build a stronger mindset. Clare’s been awarded as an International Coach of the Year, was named a Top Mental Health keynote speaker and a trending mental fitness, leadership + culture speaker in 2022. Clare personally invites every audience member to change their brain and see things differently and she’s very persuasive. Whether she’s running a workshop for three or keynoting for 3,000, Clare’s most consistent feedback is that audience members felt like she was talking directly to them.

Clare’s changing the stats around mental health and has directed and delivered behaviour change programs for hundreds of organisations.

Clare hosts the No. 1 charting leadership podcast, Leading Generous Teams, exploring strategies used by CEOs to build mental health, resilience and mindset for themselves and their teams.

Other facts:  

  • Clare sparked a movement with her 2012 TEDx speech about how gratitude could change the world
  • She became a Centre for Sustainability Leaders Fellow in 2011
  • She’s the resident mindset coach for Pro Bono Australia – Australia’s leading news, jobs, events, research and funding resources for the not-for-profit and charity sector
  • Clare’s work has been regularly featured in Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine

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Dr Kate Cashman

Dr Kate Cashman is an award winning coach, executive leadership consultant and experienced speaker and facilitator.

Kate has a knack for turning the skeptical into highly trusted participants who are remarkably surprised at how quickly they’re willing to move into building new levels of mindset, resilience, confidence, focus and leadership.

Kate brings incredible experience as a behaviour change expert, shifting people’s perspectives to draw on their own strengths and to fuel confidence in the team members around them.

With qualifications in law, business, coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and leadership consultancy, Kate brings a holistic and human centred approach to helping you + your teams move from where you are, to where you most want to be.

Kate works extensively in partnership with Tasmania Police and the University of Tasmania. Kate’s a walking, breathing example of someone who embodies change mindset and resilience without losing touch of the realities of being human (and a mum, a volunteer, a business owner of a yoga studio and bamboo toothbrush business and more).

Ann-Marie Chamberlain

Ann-Marie Chamberlain

Ann-Marie Chamberlain is a multiple award winning executive and community leader, board member and experienced coach.

Ann-Marie has walked in the shoes of an executive for over a decade and has a proven track record for delivering and driving sustainable results while keeping it real, creating more meaningful leadership at a team and individual level.

Ann-Marie has a love for change at all levels. One morning she might be sitting around a boardroom table of a community organisation or business and looking at things globally, by the afternoon she’s inspiring and driving change with our clients at a team and individual level.

Ann-Marie has a knack for shifting our clients perspective from “I should” to “I will’ and actually mean it. We’ve seen first hand people shift from self-doubt, confusion and avoidance to being deeply in action and achieving beyond what they thought was possible.

In her “spare time” you’ll find Ann-Marie in one of her other businesses where they fly drones over film sets, or thinking strategically as the Chair of Volunteering SA/NT and a Trustee for Kalyra Communities.

Ann-Marie is a two time winner of the Telstra Business Womens Award, and a recipient of the Centenary Medal for Leadership in the Community.

Dr Angela Gent

Dr Angela Gent is no stranger to sustainable behavioural change.

Ange brings a realistic and human approach to her coaching by drawing on her experience as a psychologist and qualifications like her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD from The University of Melbourne.

In her role as a coach at Top Five, Ange applies neuroscience, psychology and behaviour change principles to support generous leaders to be more effective at their very important work in our communities and the world.

Ange takes her deep knowledge and makes it accessible through her warmth, humour, and openness. We’re been told that whenever our clients meet her, they feel like they’ve known her for years.

We’ve seen first hand how Ange makes people feel held with her presence and can help understand their thoughts better to unlock incredible confidence, action and momentum.

Ange continues to see her psychology clients in between her coaching sessions with us. Ange has a love of learning like we’ve never seen before so in her spare time you’ll find her with her head in a book, attending a course, or hanging out with her family.


Jodi Mactaggart

Jodes is our Program and Ops Coordinator. She brings decades of experience not only building strong teams but turning them around from operating at a loss to significant profit. 

Jodes is your first point of contact and manages the logistics of hundreds of people on our programs at any one time. She’s fuelled by supporting other leaders to build their teams and get real results while staying human.  

Jodes loves problem solving on the fly and primed this skill while working in the travel industry. She’s now our secret weapon at Top Five to creating life-changing experiences for our clients. 

In her spare time, Jodes is all about connection. From backyard BBQ sessions, to raising her boys at the beach and travelling every weekend to bring the joy to someone else – whatever she’s doing, her infectious energy flows. 

No one loves a laugh more than Jodes and we’re pretty sure she writes all the jokes for her partner’s comedy shows.

What’s in a name?

Our business name came from our movement of generosity that was sparked from a daily little habit called writing a Top Five list. We think this little list is the secret weapon not only for changing our day but actually changing the world.

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