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Want to become a coach yourself?

(read on for how new coaches can score a $500 starter pack)


There is one type of conversation I’ve always loved most.

The ones where a friend or stranger says something like “you know what I’d love to do one day” or even “I’m really not enjoying my job/life/work at the moment.”

I was like a tired woman when she hears about a nearby open pack of Tim Tams when it came to these conversations.  All over them and couldn’t get enough!

I loved how with some space and time (even ten mins) and some open questions people were able to shift, get a new burst of energy and make a commitment to change.

Having the chance to create space to support people to slow down to go faster left me with a spring in my step and I knew I wanted more.

In 2013 I became a BYCA trained coach and haven’t looked back.  I thought I was having quality conversations before but my mind was really blown when I learnt an official coaching process.

It changes everything!

If you’re curious about becoming a coach yourself I’d recommend checking out BYCA.  They’ve now trained over 1,000 coaches from every continent but Antarctica.

Graduates are both working in their own coaching business or using their new found coaching skills in many ways to strengthen their other roles.  I’ve used the skills for both.  I’ve drawn on them in my roles working for others, for my coaching business, when I’m presenting to thousands to help people reflect and commit to changes or when I design a new program for a workplace like Vic Health, St Luke’s Health Insurance or Intrepid Travel Group.

Since graduating I’ve come full circle and am now one of three finalists for the BYCA International Coach of the Year.


And as a proud affiliate for BYCA, if you sign up through this link and complete the course I’ll send you a bunch of our award winning, psychologist tools which help drive behaviour change (the pack will be valued at over $500!).  You’ll love sharing these with your loved ones or even your first clients.

Learn more about BYCA here or copy and paste this link:

Important: Please note to receive this $500 bonus you need to click on my link immediately before you sign up to the course.  So if you head over and read about the course now and plan to sign up later, to be eligible for the $500 bonus pack, you need to come back and click on my link to the course before immediately before signing up.

For more on my current coaching packages head over here.

Have fun and happy coaching!




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