Bonus Episode + Invitation: How we build “unbreakable teams” at Top Five Movement

A client recently shared that we’ve made their team unbreakable.  Why? As a team of award-winning mindset coaches, we deliver innovative leadership programs that disrupt unhelpful thinking + patterns, develop new perspectives, raise the bar on solutions, and help your leaders create high performing teams. Led by Clare Desira, International Coach of the Year and Fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leaders (now Monash Sustainable Development Institute), Top Five has worked with thousands of [...]

Why Hollywood motivation just doesn’t cut it…when it comes to building teams

You’re watching a movie. You’re really getting into it. The main character is on a heroic journey. Against all odds, they overcome all of the things to get the happy ending. The credits roll and it’s just like what The Age reviewer said: “Inspiring. Moving. Unforgettable.” How is it that one movie can make us feel anything is possible? With this newfound motivation, you head back to work with a pep in your step.  Only to be [...]

ACOSS CEO Dr Cass Goldie on why switching off doesn’t cut it when it comes to leading teams

When leaders encourage their team to “switch off” they don’t always realise it can be demotivating and inaccessible. For many, the idea of switching off is actually daunting. Like a void of space and time that could be used to be making a difference.   Also, you’re not a lightbulb. You don’t have an on and off switch. It’s not that black and white.  The best thing you can do is learn to go from [...]

St Luke Health’s Barb Brown on how role clarity unlocks purpose and builds motivated teams

Role clarity. It seems so simple it’d be easy to miss.  Of course there’s a job description when the contract is signed, but how do you use that as a tool to support mental fitness and wellbeing in your team? One of the most important ingredients for a successful team is when they know what their role is and how it fits into the purpose of the organisation. This is what we spoke about [...]

CASE STUDY: Top Five made our team unbreakable

As a leader it makes sense to do team building work when you’ve got a full team right?  The truth is, there’s so much change and movement within roles and across organisations right now that having a full team is rare. And every day you wait on team building is another day that the culture you’re trying to shift is under pressure.  If you want to future-proof your culture, it starts now, by focusing on your current [...]

Telstra’s Former Group Executive, Alex Badenoch on what vulnerability looks like practically, at the highest levels of leadership

Leaders are often looked to as experts. But they’re not. The strongest leaders surround themselves with experts, which means, you don’t know the answer a lot of the time.  When leaders feel like they should know, they miss the opportunity to invite their team to step into their strengths, rally around you, draw out their skills and talents to solve the problem in ways you couldn’t imagine. This is what vulnerability looks like practically, [...]

ACF’s CEO, Kelly O’Shanassy on why being a pushover won’t build collaborative or motivated teams

People think that a collaborative team is being a yes person, never disagreeing, and singing kumbaya in a circle.  But actually, leading a collaborative team takes some hard decisions. This is what we talked about with Kelly O’Shanassy, CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation on our Leading Generous Teams podcast this week. We discussed how she fuels herself and her team/ to make the hard decisions and stay focussed on the goals that matter. [...]

CASE STUDY: IFM Investors – What does a 100% hit rate for building team resilience actually look like?

Shifting a culture isn’t easy. Bringing together a group of individuals both new and familiar with their organisation to work towards a common goal of repositioning their role in the organisation to true strategic partners? Even harder. Especially when everyone in the thick of navigating broader organisational change. But that’s exactly the position Paula Benson, Head of Global Brand, Marketing & Communications at IFM Investors, was in when she decided to work with us. As a strategic, [...]

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