building team resilience and wellbeing

We get it. Another potentially cheesy team workshop? Eye roll. But we know building team resilience and wellbeing is important.

Here are 7 reasons why you should definitely NOT hire Top Five to support your team!

Listen here or read below:

Reason 1: You love sitting on the sidelines and waiting until your team is in crisis mode

At Top Five, we’re all about giving proactive tools for building team resilience and wellbeing.

If you love people sobbing in your office because someone used their mug, then don’t hire us.

Reason 2: Your favourite type of motivation is having someone in to talk about their (dramatic and totally non-relatable) climb to Mount Everest

At Top Five we know that sugar-rush motivation peaks quickly but leaves people exhausted as soon as they’re faced with the daily grind. So we approach mindset and resilience with practicality and science for long-lasting, proven results.

If you think a stock photo of a mountain is going to motivate your team, don’t hire us.

Reason 3: You let the most cynical person in your team rule or cloud decisions

At Top Five,  we’ve flipped the script on mindset + resilience training. Clients tell us that even their most cynical team members shifted from feeling “skeptical” to “taking something away from the session”. Their words. Not ours.

If you’re taking orders from Debbie Downer, don’t hire us.

Reason 4: You love everyone relying on you for everything

At Top Five, we give you and your team tools to bring more consistency to helpful, encouraging and productive behaviour. They own their impact on the culture more.

If you love spending 8 hours a day managing office gossip, don’t hire us.

Reason 5: You love drawn out training programs that take days

At Top Five our foundation program is 3 x 1 hour workshops that pack a powerful punch. After our program ends, we continue sharing tools for 12 months to drive long lasting results from a small but mightily powerful time investment.

If you love taking your team off the tools for days on end and creating a backlog of work everyone hates, don’t hire us.

Reason 6: You love airy-fairy, fluffy, cliché filled concepts

At Top Five we’re grounded in science. We make the training sustainable so you can actually use it back in the real world. On average, our audiences say they’re 9.5/10 likely to use the tools we share in their day to day lives.

If you’re all about blue sky thinking and no action, don’t hire us.

Reason 7: You love sticking your head in the sand when it comes to organisational change

At Top Five, we help your team go from catastrophising to getting in the driver’s seat, solving problems and navigating change successfully.  Before, during or after change.

If you love a sink or swim situation, don’t hire us.

Bonus “Not Another” Reason: You’re not sure where to start.  It all feels too much.

That’s our job. Book a call in my diary and let’s talk about what our resilience, mindset + focus training could look like for your team. It could be as simple as a one hour workshop to get kick started.

Excited regards,

Clare Desira
CEO, Top Five Movement


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