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Positive Thought Starters

Get the most out of your day with our award winning happiness tool.

Just $24.99 per deck!

The simplest (+ award-winning!) tool to increase your happiness.

(And it fits inside your pocket…) The practice of positive thinking is powerful. Really powerful. An overwhelming body of science says it makes us happier, healthier, more optimistic, more energetic… and the list goes on!

The Top Five Question Cards are a simple, effective tool to help you experience these benefits for yourself.

With these 50 thought-provoking prompt questions, you’ll be able to hone in on the high points of your day, figure out what truly makes you happy, and build a confident, constructive mindset so that you can live the way you want to live, and feel the way you want to feel…

It’s all about priming yourself for positivity,
and turning happiness into
a habit.

Focus on the good in your life, right this very moment!

It’s easy to spend your life wishing and waiting for that overseas trip, or that big career break, or even just holding out for the weekend.

But life is 24/7 – life is now! And lasting happiness is found by revelling in the little moments, not waiting for the big ones.

These questions will help you notice the amazing, remarkable, memorable moments that are happening in your life, each and every day. From the tiny to the tremendous, you’ll be enhancing your wellbeing and setting yourself up for success with every card.


Just $24.99 per deck!

These questions will help you figure out what actually makes you happy. (‘Cause sometimes, we can be a little clueless…)

You might think it’s getting praise from your boss, or finishing off an important project, or enjoying a magnificent meal at a restaurant. And yes, those things are great…

But from the 10 000+ happy memories I’ve collected over the past nine years, I can tell you this: when you dig beneath the surface, you’ll find it’s the tiny, little moments that make you burst with joy most often.

Whether it’s snuggling with your kids, patting your puppy, or climbing into your freshly made bed at night – it’s the little moments that make the biggest difference. And when you tune into them, and figure out which things actually make you happy… you can go do a whole lot more of ‘em!

These cards will also reveal what makes the people around you happy…

Esther was taken by surprise when her four-year-old son said that the highlight of his day was when his kinder teacher let the whole class squish together on the slippery-dip to make a ‘slide sandwich’…

Adam was surprised when his wife revealed that the most fulfilling thing she’d done that day was not delivering the client presentation she’d been working on for months, but constructing a makeshift pillow fort with their two kids…

My own husband blew my mind when he announced one day that his top moment has been when we were cleaning the house together. (“Seriously? Cleaning?” I asked. “Yep,” he replied, “we felt like a team, and it made me really happy.”)

It’s not always easy to figure out what our favourite people are thinking. These cards will also help you start powerful, positive conversations with them, so that you can strengthen your connection and deepen your understanding of each other. (And seriously: their answers might just astonish you!)

“The application of this practical and fabulous tool promotes the daily mindful cultivation of positive thoughts, feelings and experiences into the fabric of our brains. The results include lasting inner strengths which promote health, wellbeing and happiness. Our brain ‘default position’ can literally be transformed from a negative focus to the positive.”

Kristen Barnes, Psychologist & Life Coach Essentially You



Just $24.99 per deck!

Why you’ll love the Top Five deck…


“This beautiful, simple daily ritual has been making such a positive impact on my life. It is so inspiring to watch the Top Five Movement grow, gain momentum and to see the smiles on people’s faces as they discover how using these cards and noticing everyday magic is a precious gift indeed.”

Sue Muller, Life Coach and Founder, Smile Chickie


“The concept of the Top Five Movement Question Cards is simple, in theory, but the impact is potentially life changing (on a personal and a global scale). Clare has really hit on something special, asking us all to take a minute at the end of each day to mindfully acknowledge how lucky we really are.”

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, Life + Business Coach for Introverts, Writer, Speaker


“The Top Five Movement Question Cards are a beautiful, inspirational and easy to use tool to increase your level of happiness and gratitude every day. They are the perfect tool for coaches to use with their clients to prompt thought provoking action, or indeed for any person looking to live a more grateful and meaningful life.”

Julie Parker, CEO, Beautiful You Coaching Academy


“When I first heard about this product and watched Clare’s TED Talk, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Not only do I do my own Top Five every day, but I encourage each one of health coaching clients to do the same. When we start acknowledging the positive, we seem better able to negotiate the other stuff.”

Charby Ibrahim, Nutritional Health Coach and Personal Trainer, The Ancestral Body


“The Top Five Movement Question Cards are making the world a better place.  Writing a Top Five is a wonderful way to consciously cultivate a gratitude practice.  Gratitude is an essential element in nurturing your everyday wellbeing! “

Rhiannon Colarossi, The Wellbeing Web


“I absolutely adore this product! It is perfect for anyone who wants to be cultivate more gratitude in their life but are yet to develop the habit of writing it down daily. I can’t wait to see all the people and families using this daily to enhance and cultivate positivity in their own lives and see the transformational effects.”

Maddison Vernon, Life Coach, Writer and Speaker


“Writing a Top Five brings the extraordinary benefits of gratitude to life in a beautifully simple, powerful and accessible way. These cards are like a bestfriend that guides you through the tough times; the one that you can count on to help you find beauty in the most unlikely places. I cannot wait to introduce these to my clients.”

Johanna Parker, Life and Confidence Coach, Heart Sparks

You can use your cards to practice positivity in a whole bunch of different ways…


Instead of reaching for your phone to check your emails, use the cards to check in with yourself first and set your intention for the day.

When you're waiting...

Imagine if every time you were waiting – at the dentist, the shops, the bus stop – you focused on joy (instead of Facebook)?


It’s never too early (or too late!) to start cultivating the habit of happiness and positive thinking with your children. (Plus: kids love getting involved!)


Sharing the highlights of your day with your significant other can deepen your bond and strengthen your connection like nothing else.


As a conversation starter, these cards are the bee’s knees. Kick your event or party off on the right foot by sparking positive, uplifting (& fun!) exchanges.

At the dinner table...

Start a new family habit – everybody picks a card, and shares their answer. Guaranteed to get even the most reticent teenager talking! ;)

As a pick-me-up for a friend...

Got a loved one going through a tough time? These cards are the perfect way to show you care. Give the gift of positivity and watch them shine!



Just $24.99 per deck!

Already on board the movement…

Some wonderful thought leaders, coaches and wellness experts have also jumped on board the movement and contributed a question to your new happiness habit:

  • Rachel MacDonald, Coach, Writer + Speaker, In Spaces Between
  • Sue Muller, Coach, Smile Chickie
  • Charby Ibrahim, Health Coach, The Ancestral Body
  • Jo Parker, Life + Confidence Coach, Heart Sparks
  • Amy Somers, Coach, Peace of Advice
  • Julie Parker, CEO, Beautiful You Coaching Academy
  • Kate Erlenbusch, Writer, Word Love by Kate
  • Kate McCormack, Life + Business Coach Maddison Vernon, Coach
  • Rhiannon Colarossi, Coach, The Wellbeing Web
  • Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, Coach, The Beauty Of Life

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Get your Top Five Question Cards and find your happy – today!

As seen on TEDx

I’m Clare Desira – writer, speaker, coach, product developer, and founder of the Top Five Movement. After spending the last 12 years designing, delivering and directing personal development and leadership programs, to say that I’m passionate about facilitating growth and transformation would be an understatement!

I began recording my ‘top five moments’ of every day back in 2006, and have now collected more than 10, 000+ positive memories. As the benefits of my ‘happiness habit’ started spilling over into all different areas of my life (my health, relationships, mindset, the works!) I knew I needed to spread the word about the incredible power that positive thinking can have on our lives.

In 2012, I shared this message on the TEDx stage, and amidst the rave reviews and overwhelming response, realised that I had sparked a positivity revolution – the Top Five Movement.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to empower people to choose happiness and notice the tiny moments of joy that can all-too-easily pass us by. Along the way, I noticed that although my tribe LOVED the idea of recording a daily ‘top five’, they often struggled to remember those little moments and to make time for this new habit…

That’s how these cards came about.

This simple practice has undeniably changed my life. I’m a better wife, daughter, sister, friend, employee, and person because of it.

I created these cards so that you can experience the difference too, and live as the happiest, healthiest version of you – your best self – every, single day.

It’s so simple, but so effective.
You’ll spark new conversations.
Unleash positivity. Expand your mind.

… And find yourself feeling a whole lot happier along the way.

Grab your pack now…



Just $24.99 per deck!


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