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Mindset, Confidence + Presentation Coaching

– Clare Desira works with teams and individuals at Employers of Choice + businesses making a difference –


Game changing tools, workshops and coaching programs delivered to thousands.

Clare Desira is a speaker and mindset coach with fifteen years’ experience directing behaviour change programs for thousands, across her own business, community groups and as an employee for two of Australia’s largest corporations.

Clare knows how to build confidence quickly so your people can stop spinning their internal wheels and start driving more change and results for your business.

Systems, equipment, technical skills and full headcount are all ingredients for success, but you can’t fully leverage all of these if your team aren’t walking in the office door with a focused mindset.

You might be surprised to know how many people walk in the office door feeling overwhelmed, cynical and doubting themselves.  Even the most capable employees can feel this way just under the surface.


“I’ve built more confidence through our coaching program than I have in my first 30 years.”


“I hadn’t made any sales in the first 7 months of my role and I’ve closed 7 sales in the two weeks since my coaching session with Clare.  I haven’t had any extra training, I’ve just put her mindset tips in place. I’m on a roll.”


“I was too scared to speak up in a team meeting but after my coaching I felt confident to stand up and share customer feedback in front of 250 people and I took on a more senior role which I’d declined several times before.”


“Some of the realisations I’ve had through this coaching program have been the biggest milestones in my life.  In over 40 years… I honestly have never felt this level of self-respect and permission to be the person that I am “


What shift could you and your team members make?

Which of my recent clients do you identify with most?  What are you craving?

  • From resentfully completing mundane tasks and feeling undervalued to being identified as top talent and a future leadership member.
  • From feeling to scared to speak up in a team meeting to confidently (and voluntarily) speaking in front of hundreds.
  • From declining promotions due to sinking confidence and overwhelm to actively chasing promotions and saying yes to stretch projects.
  • From scared of sales to closing more deals than anyone else in the team.
  • From not being sure what to do to truly getting in the driver’s seat with their career.
  • From dreading to walk into the office everyday to waking up and feeling excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead each day.
  • From feeling cynical after to one too many organisational changes to re-engaged and championing change.

How do you make your employees thoughts count?

We don’t believe in negative thinking (it’s boring, steals our time, strains relationships and breeds excuses) or positive thinking (it’s also boring, unrealistic and causes more eye rolls than results).

We’ll have your teams feeling productive, focused and helpful before they walk in the door.

We take individuals from feeling cynical or full of self-doubt to being true champions that deliver results, add value and bring others along with them.

Meet Clare Desira –

Award winning speaker, product developer and mindset coach

Choose your own adventure

The best place to start is with a conversation with Clare, but the most common path organisations take is:

  • A workshop to introduce tools for productive thinking, stronger culture, focus and resilience across your team or organisation.
  • Coaching programs for individuals/addition to your coaching panel.
  • Tools for employees to champion change.

Who do we work with?

These programs are for organisations that:

  • are Employers of Choice or organisations making a difference (health, community services, education).
  • value the role mindset plays in achieving results and making a difference.
  • want employees to leave work satisfied and full of energy, not drained and resentful.

When capacity allows, Clare takes on a select number of private coaching clients a year.

See Clare in action at TEDx in 2012

Here’s what others are saying…

For individual coaching results, see top of page.  For feedback on group experiences, read on:

Clare opened our Apple Education team day with a workshop that absolutely left us feeling motivated and energised for the day ahead. We have team members based all over the country so it is important we use our time together openly and effectively. Engaging our team through a focus on positivity couldn’t have been timed better and allowed us to head into the rest of the day ready for productive problem solving and strategising as a team.

Josh Levy - Business Development Executive Education, Apple

Clare’s address was an ideal start to our conference – passionate, engaging and thematically on-point. Clare told her story effectively and with humour, relating exceptionally well to her audience and leaving students inspired with simple and practical tips to take away and make change in their own lives. Clare was friendly, positive and supportive – a sincere and genuine person as well as a fantastic speaker.

Luke Icely – One Small Thing Conference Director, Federation University Australia

Clare was very easy to deal with.  During part of the session she gave our audience the chance to choose their own adventure on which areas of mindset they were most interested in learning about. Clare left me and our audience feeling inspired, with a positive outlook and excited to make changes in everyday life.  Clare brought value through relevance to proactive leaders, easy to listen to, humorous, light hearted, engaged audience after previous “heavy” industry topics.

Peter Thomas, Operations Manager, Insight Leadership Conference


Clare is one of the best facilitators I have ever seen in action. Clare was warm, professional, entertaining and thoughtful and made each participant feel valued and ensured their voice was heard. Some of the words used by participants at the end of the session were inspired, challenged, motivated, refreshed, focused and energised.


Lauren Owens, Diversity + Inclusion Manager, NAB

As a facilitator and presenter, Clare has a way of connecting with a large group of people in an extremely genuine and personal way. Clare’s effervescent personality energises everyone in the room and her ability to draw on experiences and provide relevant examples inspires her audience to think and act in a more positive way.

Jodie Boyd, Diversity + Inclusion Consultant, NAB


I have listened to a lot of TED talks and Clare’s Top Five Movement talk is one of my favourites. I have recommended it to teachers I work with.


Hugh van Cuylenburg, Founding Director, The Resilience Project

“As a management team we needed to regroup following some organisational challenges.  We planned two days together and to help us get the most of our valuable time together, Clare kicked us off with a session on mindset.  After Clare’s session our team felt excited, grounded, positive, equipped and ready to focus on recovery.  The framework Clare shared added to our planning sessions and has since become part of our ways of working – it has already been used by our HR and Corporate Affairs teams.”

Kelly Quirke, Corporate Affairs Director, Royal Canin Pacific (mars)

“Clare presented a lunchtime workshop for our team and some of the other businesses that work at the White House (Dumbo Feather, Beatrix Rowe, B-lab).  Clare provided useful and inspiring tools to help us change focus, shift perspective and make such a big difference to how we experience life.  Clare walks her talk and is radiant and infectious – our office has a new lease on happiness.”




“I’ve booked Clare three times to support my team and a conference that brings leaders in our industry together (and I’ve already booked her in already for another event in 2018).  After Clare’s workshop our team now have tools to shift their mindset during change from a fear of failure and frustration to feeling empowered, confident and ready to contribute. Any team can benefit from a mindset reboot with Clare.

I look forward to watching my staff develop both personally and in their working career over the coming months from Clare’s inspirational presentation.”



“We hired Clare to speak to our students about authentic goal setting and inspire them to focus on positive mindset and personal growth.   Clare was superb to work with – organised, professional and spoke exceptionally well and left all feeling inspired.  As a result of the presentation, students are able to better understand the purpose of goals and goal setting, as well as positive mindset. Teachers feel more equipped and confident to discuss goals and goal setting with students in an authentic way.

Clare also sent us a follow up video which we showed to keep the students motivated and working towards their goals.  Clare’s service has been exceptional and invaluable to the school in setting up a new program related to student goal setting.” 

Jenna Grace, Year 10 Academic Advisor, Lauriston Girls' School

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