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Here are Three Truths,
No Lie.

  • Introductory games are cheesy

  • They inspire a collective eye roll

  • Icebreakers are lukewarm and awkward

And they might not shake the feelings your people have coming onto this day.

Feelings like:

  • Average, Nervous, Curious

  • Hopeful, Skeptical

  • Anxious

  • Is This Even Relevant To Me?

Before they even take a seat, your people are distracted and strangely missing the comfort of their inbox.

That’s why it’s important to start your day off differently.

Those thoughts listed above?

Those were real thoughts a team at a leading Australian organisation had at the start of their team day.

This is what the same people reported after just an hour of my time:

  • Optimistic, Encouraged, Supported, Positive

  • Inspired, Engaged, Happy

  • Positive And Helpful

  • Relaxed

Top Five change people’s minds, their openness to receiving new information, and giving them a new way to connect and participate at your team day.



Rebooking rate


Average audience score for likelihood to use our tools day to day


People we’ve flipped the mindset script for

This is what happens when Top Five opens your day

Your team are:

  • Focussed on what’s important and what’s within their control rather than getting overwhelmed with complexities

  • Ready for productive problem solving and strategising as a team

  • Using their time together productively. Even the most cynical staff

  • Connected and bringing value in new ways on the day and beyond

  • More interested in talking about your customers than themselves

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Retrain Your Brain

We share tools that can actually retrain your team’s brains, changing the way they show up to every meeting, every relationship, and every business opportunity.

Get your team focussed on the stuff that matters and not getting caught up in the daily grind, the ‘he said, she said’, or a frustrating roadblock or process.

Better results. Less downtime. Stronger relationships. Better problem solving.

What Does Your Team Need Most?

All our customers tell us the benefits of this 60 – 90 minute training lasts well beyond the day and in many ways:

For Individuals

  • Teams are more confident in what they’re capable of achieving even during a time of intense sector transition
  • Armed with new tools to strengthen resilience no matter where individuals are currently at
  • Feeling inspired, challenged, refreshed, motivated, focused and energised

For Leadership

  • More committed to lead by example and be more helpful, productive and encouraging with their team communications
  • Ready with new ways to mentor thinking in our team and support each other
  • Able to create a better team and service environment

For Performance

  • Left with tools the team felt would help see opportunities and possibilities amidst complexity and confusion
  • Understanding each other’s perspective in new ways – look at problems together and alongside each other rather than in a confrontational way

For Culture

  • Practical ideas to build a more productive and encouraging culture
  • Teams are reconnected with our organisation and vision
  • Feeling stronger and more cohesive as a team


Let us be your secret weapon to transform your team’s performance

Client Recommendations

Top Five opened our Apple Education team day with a workshop that absolutely left us feeling motivated and energised for the day ahead. We have team members based all over the country so it is important that we use our time together openly and effectively.

Engaging our team through a focus on positivity couldn’t have been timed better and allowed us to head into the rest of the day ready for productive problem solving and strategising as a team.

– Josh Levy, Business Development Executive – Education, Apple

As a management team we needed to regroup following some organisational challenges. We planned two days together and to help us get the most of our valuable time together, Top Five kicked us off with a session on mindset. After this session our team felt excited, grounded, positive, equipped and ready to focus on recovery. 

The framework Top Five shared added to our planning sessions and has since become part of our ways of working – it has already been used by our HR and Corporate Affairs teams.

– Kelly Quirke, Corporate Affairs Director, Royal Canin (Mars)

Anyone that knows me well would know that I hate over the top self-help type activities.  We’ve been through a lot of change in my team and while it is important to support your team from a mindset and resilience perspective, I know that many people are very sceptical and cynical about any form of popular psychology and team activities.

I’ve hired Top Five twice now and the great thing about their workshops is that they are practical, insightful and entertaining, and even the most cynical staff were saying to me that they took something away from the session. Many of the team are also using the tools to cope with negativity and change better and to reduce stress, procrastination and worry. Mission accomplished!

– Sophie Buck, Director – Governance Services, Western Sydney University

I brought my leadership team together for a lunchtime session with Top Five to help them improve their mindset and level of team support. Their style of presentation was excellent.

Following the workshop as a team we felt energised, engaged and focused. Our industry is all about service and the tools Top Five shared will help us create a better team and customer service environment.

As a result of our work together the team are committed to lead by example and be more helpful, productive and encouraging with their team communications.

– Glenn Robertson, General Manager, Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston

We took a workshop with Clare as it helps to know that there are strategies to use when we are faced with challenges and the demands on our time and minds in our industry. Clare was very knowledgeable and calming, and we found the session insightful, helpful, guiding and positive. The workshop gave me and my team a new way of looking at our problems and situations. We now assess situations before we become angry or stressed and try to find encouraging ways of dealing with things.

– Rita Galati, Director, Ray White

We first saw Clare present at an Employer of Choice launch. During a visit to our practice she was down to earth and really connected with the culture we wanted to maintain and foster within our practice. We hired Clare to run a team day and she really cared about what we wanted to achieve for each team member and our business. On the day Clare was enthusiastic and passionate and helped our employees to explore their thoughts and open up with one another in a safe environment. As a result of our work together, our team have reconnected with our organisation and its vision and we are now a stronger and more cohesive group.

Greer Williams, Practice Manager, The Dental Surgery Newstead

Our committee brings together organisations who are focused on improving the integration of services that respond to family violence. We’d had a tough year and having seen Top Five’s work before, we knew offering a resilience workshop to team members from all of our organisations would be just the ticket. Clare was wonderful to work with – highly professional, knowledgeable, a great communicator – nothing seemed to faze her and everything was ‘can do’.

During the workshop, the team were reflective, optimistic and motivated to try something new. As a result of our work together, our group have new tools for circuit breaking negative feelings, re-energizing and looking forward in new ways. We feel energised and invigorated, which is no mean feat given how fatigued many of us were feeling!

Elaine Williams, Principal Strategic Advisor, Bethany Group

As CFO, it is my job to research. I spent a day and a half researching for a company who could help our team build resilience ahead of some exciting growth. I looked at various companies but I kept coming back to Top Five Movement.

Our first workshop was even better than I expected and I was surprised that every member of the team responded well. Top Five Movement’s work is helping our team to be more productive, aid transition to change, have better communication and open discussion and build a renewed willingness to assist each other. Our next workshop is booked in and we look forward to working with Clare + the Top Five team further.

Chris Anderson, CFO, Retzos Group

Let us transform your team day