How are you?

Anyone else struggling to answer this question right now?

Like most of us, Alison from our team has had her fair share of wobbles during the recent months, but always comes back to our Daily To FEEL List to help reset.

“Working out what really matters THAT DAY calms my anxiety and any overwhelming feelings. I use the list kind of like a contract with myself for the day: this is how I want to feel; a little bit of focus on this task will go a long way; I need to do this task to feel free… For such a simple thing it definitely has a big impact on my day!”

Don’t be fooled by the pastel tones, this mighty planner leverages research on the easiest ways to train your brain.

It can help you feel calmer, stronger and more confident, even when you’re wondering WTF!?

Your template is waiting for you over here. You can print it out as many times as you like.

Sending love + encouragement to you all.

Excited regards,

Clare Desira
Director, Top Five Movement

Because negative thinking is boring