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Your 2020 Kickstarter Mindset + Focus Program

To celebrate becoming a finalist for 2018 – 2019 International Coach of the Year, I’m offering something I haven’t offered all year.

I’m stoked you’re here.  Let’s do this!


“I’ve built more confidence through our coaching program than I have in my first 30 years.”


“I hadn’t made any sales in the first 7 months of my role and I’ve closed 7 sales in the two weeks since my coaching session with Clare.  I haven’t had any extra training, I’ve just put her mindset tips in place. I’m on a roll.”


“I was too scared to speak up in a team meeting but after my coaching I felt confident to stand up and share customer feedback in front of 250 people and I took on a more senior role which I’d declined several times before.”


“Some of the realisations I’ve had through this coaching program have been the biggest milestones in my life.  In over 40 years… I honestly have never felt this level of self-respect and permission to be the person that I am “


For the first time in 12 months I’m opening up my coaching books to the public for a limited number of 2020 kick starter programs.

You and me.

Four one to one sessions over two months.

Both rested after a Christmas break and ready to go.

2020 could be the year you bring those ideas to life and make those changes that
have been bubbling away for a little too long now.

No regrets.

You’ll have unstoppable momentum before you even realise the year is slipping away.

Renewed confidence and a swing in your step.

Monday-itis = cured.

Speak up before you’ve burnt out while spinning your wheels. Say yes and show up instead of shying away. Present powerfully.  Finally update your resume and put your hat in the ring for a new role. Bring business ideas to life. Feel more confident than you ever have in your body.

Whatever you want most, let’s shine a light on it, fire up your mindset and get moving.

Lose any  “is this it?” feelings about life.

Shake off any cynicism and get back in the driver’s seat.

No wishing 2020 away and telling yourself you’ll reset in 2021.

Choose your own adventure.

Trust me, this won’t be as scary as you think.

We’ll keep it simple so instead of feeling overwhelmed about a big change, each step will be clear.

You’d be surprised how much you can achieve in a short time with a coach by your side.

I’m here to hold your hand, give you a high five, challenge your excuses, call BS when it is needed and push you beyond what you thought  was possible.

Limited places.

Why me and why now?

I’m a mindset and focus coach with have sixteen years of experience directing behaviour change programs for thousands across forty countries.  This year I was shortlisted as one of three finalists for the 2018 -2019 BYCA International Coach of the Year Award.

Throughout the year I exclusively offered coaching packages to the organisations I ran workshops and programs with.  My bookings have been full, as has my heart.  I’ve coached some of the most down to earth people who had no idea just how incredible they are until we scratched the surface.

I was pinching myself when my coaching work was showcased by the Department of Skills and Growth in Tasmania and I’ve been hired to run an employee well being program within VicHealth (yep I’m going to be coaching the experts who are advocating for health in Victoria!).

2020 is starting to fill up with repeated programs and presentaitons for organisations so it is going to be another incredibly full year.

My existing clients always come first so I already know I’ll have limited opportunity to open up my coaching up to the public like this again for at least another year.

But enough about me…

Don’t get stuck in the daily grind again in 2020 and let time keep on slipping.

Let me challenge you on your excuses and show you what is possible.

Let’s carve out a space together to make sure that 2020 is the year you stopped saying “I don’t have time for this” and “I’ll do it one day.”

I know it will be worth it!

What's in your program?

Each program includes:

  • 4 coaching sessions (3 up to 60 minute sessions and a final power coaching session up to 30 mins).
  • Two reflection questionnaires.
  • Up to three helpful thinking plans to keep in your notebook or handbag to fully prepare you to approach situations confidently and really show up rather than operating in a state of fear and uncertainty.
  • A kit of worksheets + tip sheets.
  • Email support between sessions to drive momentum and change.

Please note: All sessions take place over the phone or a Zoom videocall (you might be used to meeting with people in person, but let me tell you from years of doing this, it works).

How your program will unfold...


  • NOW – Pay your deposit to secure your place.
  • WITHIN A WEEK – You return the signed coaching agreement.
  • IN THE NEXT DAY OR TWO – You book a time for session one from the options we provide.
  • IN TEN DAYS – Return your completed coaching questionnaire and pay your final payment.


In this session, we’ll get super clear on your goals and how you really want to feel in 2020.


You’re likely to leave session one feeling clear, confident and excited about how this just might be the year that you crack these goals. You work on your actions, send updates and draw on coaching support via email.


In this session, we’ll build a strong foundation and start to anchor in with what really might be possible and what life will look like once you’ve taken these actions.


You’re likely starting to feel momentum and find these sessions really valuable. You continue to work on your actions, send updates and draw on coaching support via email.


In this session, we start to explore the different options you have to achieve your goals and you’ll decide where you will focus and take further action.


You might be in disbelief at how much you’ve achieved already and feel clear and fired up to keep going. You work on your actions, send updates and draw on coaching support via email.


A chance to celebrate and ensure you’ve got a clear action plan to keep the momentum going.

I’m looking forward to this session already. It is always a cracker.


FINALIST 2018 – 2019 International Coach of the Year

Clare Desira is a mindset and focus coach with sixteen years of experience directing behavioural change programs and working with thousands on goal setting, mindset, focus and confidence.

Her work has been showcased by the Department of Skills and Growth and she’s won awards for speaking and creating psychologist endorsed, brain changing products for both adults and kids.

More client shifts from coaching include...

Which of these are you craving most?

  • From feeling too scared to speak up in a team meeting to confidently (and voluntarily) speaking in front of hundreds.
  • From declining promotions due to sinking confidence and feeling overwhelmed to actively chasing promotions and saying yes to stretch projects.
  • From being scared of sales to closing more deals than anyone else in the organisation.
  • From feeling overwhelmed about work to truly getting in the driver’s seat with your career.
  • From feeling frustrated about health goals to feeling the proudest and most confident they ever have in their own skin.
  • From dreading to walk into the office everyday to waking up and feeling excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead each day.
  • From resentfully completing mundane tasks and feeling undervalued to being identified as top talent and a future leadership member.

Or perhaps it’s something else, let’s dive in and get started.

Your investment...

Your investment in this program is $1,450 + GST

A $500 + GST deposit is due to book your place and the remaining fee to be paid a week before your first session.

Or upgrade to six sessions now for $2,350 + GST.

Got questions?  Contact Alison from our team at with your questions and we’ll send you more info or set up a call to talk through them.

Want to become a coach?  If you’re interested in learning more about coming a coach yourself, head over here to learn more about the one and only, brilliant coaching school we recommend.


How many packs would you like to buy?