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A podcast series originally created by Clare Desira + Pro Bono Australia

leading generous teams podcast

Welcome to Leading Generous Teams. A podcast dedicated to making leadership easier.

We bring you insights from leaders who are having an impact where

  • resources are stretched,
  • resilience is constantly tested,
  • and the social issues and opportunities are never ending.

Hosted by Clare Desira, CEO of the Top Five Movement. Top Five Movement are a team of award-winning coaches with a vision to support generous leaders to have a bigger impact.

Our expertise lies in the practical application of neuroscience for sustainable behaviour change in the workplace.

We’re so glad you’re here and know you’ll  leave feeling hopeful and re-energised with ideas on how you can tackle these challenges and support your teams in new ways.

Originally created in partnership by:

Clare Desira, founder of Top Five Movement
An organisation that has flipped the script on change mindset, resilience + leadership training for thousands of people across 40 countries.  To immediately start building your team’s resilience on a daily basis with Top Five’s free toolkit head to topfivemovement.com/tools

Pro Bono News
Australia’s leading news outlet for the social economy, keeping you up to date with what’s happening across the sector and why it matters for you.

leading generous teams podcast

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