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Media Kit


It’s my mission to take the Top Five Movement global and get this happiness habit happening in businesses and households all over the world!

In my role as a coach, speaker, product developer and business owner, it’s been my honour and privilege to witness people from across the globe connect with my story and jump aboard the movement themselves. Read on for all the details…

“The application of this practical and fabulous tool promotes the daily mindful cultivation of positive thoughts, feelings and experiences into the fabric of our brains. The results include lasting inner strengths which promote health, wellbeing and happiness. Our brain ‘default position’ can literally be transformed from a negative focus to the positive.”

Kristen Barnes, Psychologist

As seen in... After appearing on TEDx with my presentation, Honesty and the Top Five Movement – it’s been thrilling to be featured across the web and in traditional media, including…

A snapshot of my favourite interviews + media collaborations include…

Women’s Agenda
– How Clare Desira coordinates 18,000 volunteer days in her dream job

ProBono Australia
– Mindset Hacks Video Series

Australian Yoga Journal, April 2014 – The Gratitude Project

Peppermint Magazine, Summer 2017 – EnlightenMINT, Five a Day

Women’s Health & Fitness, August 2017 – Comfort Zone (Productive Work Offices)

Victorian Small Business Festival/Of Kin, 2017 – Podcast “Clare Desira will rewire your brain for happiness

The Intrepid Journal – How to change your brain, one hike at a time

New Idea, Jan 2017 – Our cards were featured in “10 Tips for Surviving the School Year”



My writing has been featured in…

Need my Bio?

Clare Desira is a coach, speaker, product developer and founder of the Top Five Movement.


2018 – 2019 International Coach of the Year finalist, Clare Desira, thinks positive thinking is boring. Clare is the founder of the Top Five Movement and has worked with thousands across 40 countries to build a stronger mindset and is changing the stats around mental health. Clare shares practical tools which equally support mental health, productivity, leadership and social impact. Clare is a Centre for Sustainability Leaders Fellow, TEDx speaker and has been working in behaviour change for 15 years.


In 2006, Clare Desira began writing down her ‘top five’ moments of every day, and has since recorded over 10 000 happy memories (and counting!). As the benefits of her ‘happiness habit’ started spilling over into other areas of her life, Clare knew she needed to spread the word about the incredible power of positivity to transform the way we live, think, and feel. In 2012, she took to the TEDx stage to tell her story and proceeded to take the Top Five Movement global.

Clare’s now on a mission to highlight how boring negative thinking is and to continue to create award winning speeches, programs,, workshops and tools like her Positive Thought Starter cards.  You can connect with Clare and access loads of free resources over at

Looking for a pic of me or the Positive Thought Starters?

Need an expert? Seeking a sound bite?

I’m available for interviews, quotes and press engagements on a range of topics, including:

  • The Top Five Movement
  • Why positive thinking is boring and doesn’t cut it
  • Common excuses holding women back
  • Mindset
  • Mindset during organisational change
  • Happiness
  • Money mindset
  • Passion and purpose
  • Cultivating gratitude
  • The power of daily habits
  • Goal setting
  • Feeling based goal setting

To get in touch, simply email us at hello (at) topfivemovement (dot) com.

When it comes to the Top Five Movement, people are saying…

“It’s amazing when you do your daily Top Fives how good things snowball.”

Michelle Smith

“Since writing a Top Five I now go to bed buzzing with excitement instead of worrying about what I didn’t do or need to do tomorrow”

Astrid Jordan

“Writing a Top Five down really clarifies the little things and reminds me that I was alive rather than that I was a worker with a schedule and task frame of mind. When I write a Top Five, I notice things like genuine love and connection in my life that I know other people have overlooked.”

Gina Lopez, Director and Co – Founder of One Million Acts of Innovation Australia

“Your work on the Top Five Movement is inspiring for me. I found it so accessible, and your message was so common-sensical that it felt like we were all missing out on something if we don’t do the Top Five!”

Lisa Zheng, Founder/Director, Hand Up Australia

“Something so small and simple can have such a positive and huge impact on so many people.”

Lauren Pugsley

The Top Five Movement + New Habits:
“The Top Five is inspiring stuff. This is something that I’d like to get into the habit of. I’m from a long line of ‘Negative Nancys,’ and I’d like to break that.”

Richard R

“The Top Five has become a new, peaceful ritual with my daughter each night. I treasure this time with her while we share bits and pieces from our day. I used to find it hard to switch off from work and give her my full attention, but now I look forward to this time each day.”

Lisa Thiedeman

“The concept of the Top Five Movement is simple, in theory, but the impact is potentially life changing (on a personal and a global scale). Clare has really hit on something special, asking us all to take a minute at the end of each day to mindfully acknowledge how lucky we really are.”

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, The Beauty Of Life


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