Positive Thought Starter Cards

Positive Thought Starter Cards


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Your brain has a filter which processes loads of info every day. And unless you’re training it, it’s likely to have a negative lens more often than not.

One of the most powerful ways to train your brain is to ask yourself questions. As your brain looks for an answer, you’re deliberately building new ways of thinking.

It’d be easy to underestimate our 50 questions as being ‘nice’ questions.

And the moment you use a card, you might not feel anything life-changing but it’s everything that happens after you read the card that shifts your world.

Join the thousands of people across 40 countries who know the power of training their brains.

So pull a card and change your world.

See reviews + how to use the cards below.

In stock



It’s the simple + award-winning tool to increase your happiness. With 50 thought-provoking prompt questions, you’ll be able to hone in on the high points of your day, figure out what truly makes you happy, and build a confident, constructive mindset so that you can live everyday like you’re in holiday mode: happy, glowing, smiling + loving life.

What if instead of wasting life away waiting for your next holiday, you actually lived like you were on holiday everyday?

If there’s a small but serious question floating around in your mind asking ‘is this it?’ then it’s time to clean up how you show up everyday.

Because your happiness doesn’t materialise out of thin air and smack you in the forehead one day.

Your happiness is a habit.

These are not nice cards.

They’re life changing cards.

They’re shaking up the daily grind cards.

They’re deadly serious happiness cards.

Every single day we hear from customers who are using the cards in different ways and we regularly share how customers are using the cards themselves, with loved ones and at work.

THESE CARDS!!!!! A little box of happiness that will fit in your pocket, in your briefcase, on your coffee table or even next to your bed! Do yourself a favour and grab a box of these to help remind you every day there is something to be grateful for! They create a lot of laughter and makes you think about what you are grateful for especially when your day hasn’t gone the way you planned!

– Wendy Johnston

When I am feeling down or lost I choose a card and it always turns my day around. I love them. I also have some to give for birthday presents. They are such a great gift, uplifting, inspiring and motivating.

– Bev Whyfon

My husband and I are both hooked. I am finding out so much about his day that would have otherwise remained hidden.

– Melanie Gibson

When You Buy The Positive Thought Starters, You Get:

  • An award winning happiness tool.
  • A beautifully designed deck of 50 question cards in a tube which fits beautifully in the palm of your hand (… and has no corners so doesn’t get damaged in your bag).
  • A mindset, confidence and life coach for your back pocket.
  • A tool to support your loved ones to explore their own happiness.
  • A cheat sheet to understand what makes your loved ones happy.
  • Five ways to use the cards yourself, with your loved ones and at work.

The cards are designed and printed in Melbourne on recycled paper using soy based inks, we’ve got your eco-friendly, local business supporting heart singing.


We’ve had butchers, bakers and candlestick makers make bulk orders. Okay, maybe not the butchers and bakers but we’ve had teachers, physios, coaches, event managers, team leaders, stylists and image coaches, psychologists, school counsellors, brides, gift stores, youth mentors and more making bulk orders.  Interested?  Email us at hello@topfivemovement.com for an order form.

Plenty of psychologists, coaches and teachers are using these cards with their clients and students.  The cards help clients build and flex their positive thinking and mental health muscles. Warning: they may also have them stepping out of comfort zones loads and chasing braver bigger goals too. Want a bulk order? Email us at hello@topfivemovement.com for an order form.

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