Conferences + Positive Thinking
= Death by Eye Roll

+ Positive Thinking
= Death by Eye Roll

Let’s rewrite the equation. Because they don’t call us the most refreshing take on mindset, resilience, and leadership for nothing.

No matter how technical the rest of the conference is. No matter how drastic the industry change and challenges are. No matter how cynical the audience might be.

Top Five is your safe bet. We’ve been rebooked 30 times by the same experienced events team.

Clare Desira is the founder of the Top Five Movement and has worked with thousands of people in 40 countries to build a stronger mindset.

She’s recognised as:

Top Trending Mental Fitness, Leadership + Culture Speaker
international coach of the year
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Rebooking rate


Average audience score for likelihood to use our tools day to day


People we’ve flipped the mindset script for

Create an event that gets 5-star feedback and rave reviews like these:

  • 5/5 for the mindset presentation

  • Clare was an ideal start to the conference

  • The mindset and resilience speaker complimenting our message as a purpose driven organisation

  • The mindset presenter was the highlight of the day

  • Down to earth, clear, deeply insightful and practical

  • Just what I needed. The mindset presentation was humorous and engaging after previous industry heavy topics

  • Top Five was a refreshing and hopeful way to close the day


clients of top five movement

This is what happens when Clare Desira speaks at your event

Your audience becomes:

  • Focussed on what’s important and what’s within their control rather than getting overwhelmed with complexities
  • Ready for productive problem solving and strategising as a team
  • Using their time together productively. Even the most cynical staff
  • Connected and bringing value in new ways on the day and beyond
  • More interested in talking about your customers + industry than themselves

It’s time to inspire change

You know you need to manage the gap between what the company wants and what’s actually going to engage the audience. Because you can’t guarantee that the industry experts are going to deliver the insights that stick and inspire change.

Let us fill that gap and tick both boxes.

What fellow conference producers and event managers have said:

  • Top Five’s presentation on mindset was different to what we’d heard before

  • We’ve rebooked Clare 30 times

  • Top Five’s presentation was the highest rating of all of our events so far

  • Passionate, engaging, and thematically on point

  • Clare left the best leaders from our industry inspired

  • The most popular wellbeing speaker our entertainment team had ever seen

  • Clare was an extremely professional speaker and facilitator

Our Most Popular Keynote Speeches

Hacks 101

Name: Positive Thinking Is Boring!

Described as the most refreshing take on mindset, resilience, leadership and productivity, this keynote covers hacks to train our brains and build our motivation. Not that sugar rush of unrealistic motivation that peaks quickly but leaves us exhausted as soon as we’re faced with the daily grind.

We approach mindset, mindfulness and resilience with practicality and science.

We’ll show you how to retrain and rewire your brain on a daily basis, even in the face of life and death.

Participants walk away with: five simple game changing tools for a happier life, greater focus and better results for your business.

Who is it for: It’s our most popular signature session that brings value to all audiences, we even get the cynics on board!

Change Mindset
+ Resilience

Name: Future Proof Your Thinking, Future Proof Your Company

Described as a mindset reboot for teams in the depths of change. Drawing on motivation research and positive psychology, this interactive keynote helps your team go from catastrophizing to solving problems, from treading water to navigating change successfully, from feeling scared to feeling confident.

We’ll share practical ideas to build a more productive and encouraging culture, and show you how to retrain and rewire your brain to thrive during change and uncertain times.

Participants walk away with tools to leverage their brain for better results and bigger impact, tips for getting in the driver’s seat even during uncertainty and hacks for building energy in new ways.

Who is it for: This keynote is popular with folks going through organisational change or wanting to inspire better results.


Beyond The KPI: The Goals That Really Motivate

Once upon a time, KPIs were set and there was an expectation of happily ever after. But without setting the goals that truly matter, your team’s dial up their resentment levels and put the best of our cultures on hold.

In this keynote, we’ll dispel the myths that a pay rise, a promotion, or annoying colleague leaving will bring them happiness in the workplace, and instead refocus your team on what they can really own in their role to perform like never before.

Participants walk away with new ways to build resilience, drive, problem solving skills and focus on the goals that really matter. They’ll spend less down time in the spin or losing sleep over tricky stakeholders.

Who is it for: Groups of leaders or leaders looking to motivate their employees at the start of the year, following change, busy times and annual performance review times when teams can be really disengaged.


Name: Positive Thinking Isn’t Enough and Just Won’t Cut It

Tirelessly trying to do their best to help our most vulnerable, these frontliners can feel like they’re treading water and wading through red tape with no end in sight. More than ever, these roles require resilience, grit and determination.

This keynote presentation or interactive workshop teaches them how to care for themselves and their clients in new ways so they can have a bigger impact.  

We share tools to rewire their brains for a bigger impact and support stronger mindset, resilience and productive thinking even on the toughest days.  

Refreshing and hopeful, your audience will walk away feeling confident in what they’re capable of achieving and provide practical ideas to open them up to operate in a new way. 

Who is it for: People in challenging, often community based roles, that are worn down and need new ways to re-energise and reconnect with their work.  


Stop Wearing Busy-ness As A Badge Of Honor: A More Mindful + Resilient Way to Work 

Fact: You and your team have never felt busier than you are today. You’ve never been more connected than you are today. Your to-do list has never been longer than it is today. Time is constantly running out. The daily grind. You’re living it.  

In this keynote, we’ll show you how to leverage your brain and think in new ways to make sustainable changes in your confidence levels, wellbeing and career (even when you’re wearing many hats and haven’t got time to breathe). You’ll recognise your own thinking traps, try mindset hacks for slowing your mind down and be skilled up to bring more calm to your life, team and culture.

Participants walk away with tools to leverage their brain for better results and bigger impact, tips for getting in the driver’s seat even during uncertainty and hacks for building energy, resilience and drive in new ways.

Who it is for: Leaders doing generous work in fast moving industries and teams who are far too busy to reminisce about the good ol’ (not so busy) days.

Other ways
to inspire

clare desira melbourne

Don’t have a big event coming up? There are many ways for Top Five to help engage your teams and change your workplace culture.

You can learn more about our other services here: 

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Client Recommendations

Clare’s address was an ideal start to our conference – passionate, engaging and thematically on-point.

Clare told her story effectively and with humour, relating exceptionally well to her audience and leaving students inspired with simple and practical tips to take away and make change in their own lives…

– Luke Icely, One Small Thing Conference Director, Federation University

Clare’s session received an outstanding score and feedback from the audience included: “Great presentation, this lady should be global.”

The session was standing room only!”

Quickbooks Conference Team

Clare spoke to the guests about mindset, brain hacks and the goals they really needed to set this year. Hundreds of guests turned up each day and Clare was the most popular well being speaker our entertainment team had ever seen on our cruises. Our guests were re-scheduling their activities so they didn’t miss a single one of Clare’s sessions.

– Samantha McDonough Manager, Guest Experience, P&O Cruises

Clare’s style is very down to earth and she has a great understanding of how to communicate with both leaders and frontline staff. Overall Clare’s presentation was clear, concise, deeply insightful and practical. As a result of our work together, our Employers of Choice have access to insights and practical tools that can help to build supportive, productive and mentally healthy workplaces.

– John Furness, Skills Tasmania, Department of State Growth

We bring together the best leaders across our industry once a year. Top Five left me and our audience feeling inspired, with a positive outlook and excited to make changes in everyday life. Top Five brought value through relevance to proactive leaders, easy to listen to, humorous, light hearted, engaged audience after previous “heavy” industry topics. We’ve now hired them three years in a row.

– Peter Thomas, Operations Manager, Insight Leadership Conference

Clare is an inspirational, insightful and extremely professional speaker and facilitator. Our delegates have described her as ‘infectious and motivating’ and her presentation on mindset was different to what we’d heard before on this topic and provided something that everyone in the room could take away with them. Clare’s warm and positive personality makes her an absolute pleasure to work with and and I highly recommend her as a speaker or MC at any event.

– Sacha Morton, Project Executive, Women in Emergency Services Summit

I’d heard of Clare’s purpose driven work and so when I had the chance I booked her in to speak at our employee induction programs. I was impressed that Clare was focussed on how she could add as much value as possible to our event and to really complement our messages as a purpose driven organisation.

Many employees said Clare was the highlight of the day and the events Clare was involved in have had the highest overall NPS rating of all of our events so far.

Haylee Barton, People Team, NAB

I’d seen Clare present before and knew people from across our firm could benefit from her Top Five Movement story and tools. Our people found Clare’s presentation engaging, insightful and purposeful. As a result of our engagement, we have demonstrated our commitment to the wellbeing and continued learning of our people and importantly that we value their contribution as individuals. As a client, Clare is not only professional but genuinely cares about you achieving your goals or intended purpose. She is proactive and looks to provide a seamless client experience. We look forward to working with her again.

– Antoinette Totta, Diversity, Inclusion & Well-being Consultant, Hall & Wilcox

Top Five was invited to close the first day of a Community and Stakeholder Engagement Summit following a day full of industry experts and technical ideas.

The audience members are passionate and have complex jobs managing many stakeholders. These roles need resilience, grit and determination. The Top Five team understood the audience well and were able to share a mindset hacks and information on how we can train our brains for a bigger impact.

The audience were so engaged and it was a refreshing and hopeful way to close the day. They’ve left with practical ideas to improve their mindset, the way they show up to work everyday and their impact.

– David Ross, Chair of Next-Gen Stakeholder & Community Engagement Conference

Clare came highly recommended by a colleague who had seen the amazing work Clare/Top Five had done with other clients.  Clare was so professional and responsive with questions in the lead up and speedy with providing data from the workshop as well as providing free resources for staff afterwards. In her presentation Clare was very engaging and interactive so you felt like you were in the same room even though it was online. Our team found the presentation engaging, interactive and thought provoking.

Hundreds of staff attended and all feedback has been positive and that this resilience and mindset workshop was just what they needed.  We also gave every employee a Top Five mindset deck which they are loving.  As a result of our work together, our team are more motivated and focused.  We’ve not only implemented this new way of thinking into our team catch ups but also into our personal lives.

Anabel Churkovich, Office to the CEO , Bethany Group

Our committee brings together organisations who are focused on improving the integration of services that respond to family violence. We’d had a tough year and having seen Top Five’s work before, we knew offering a resilience workshop to team members from all of our organisations would be just the ticket. Clare was wonderful to work with – highly professional, knowledgeable, a great communicator – nothing seemed to faze her and everything was ‘can do’.

During the workshop, the team were reflective, optimistic and motivated to try something new. As a result of our work together, our group have new tools for circuit breaking negative feelings, re-energizing and looking forward in new ways. We feel energised and invigorated, which is no mean feat given how fatigued many of us were feeling!

Elaine Williams, Principal Strategic Advisor, Bethany Group

Anyone that knows me well would know that I hate over the top self-help type activities. We’ve been through a lot of change in my team and while it is important to support your team from a mindset and resilience perspective, I know that many people are very sceptical and cynical about any form of popular psychology and team activities.

I’ve hired Top Five twice now and the great thing about their workshops is that they are practical, insightful and entertaining, and even the most cynical staff were saying to me that they took something away from the session. Many of the team are also using the tools to cope with negativity and change better and to reduce stress, procrastination and worry. Mission accomplished!

– Sophie Buck, Director – Governance Services, Western Sydney University

Top Five opened our Apple Education team day with a workshop that absolutely left us feeling motivated and energised for the day ahead. We have team members based all over the country so it is important that we use our time together openly and effectively.

Engaging our team through a focus on positivity couldn’t have been timed better and allowed us to head into the rest of the day ready for productive problem solving and strategising as a team.

– Josh Levy, Business Development Executive – Education, Apple

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