SLOW DOWN for the weekend +

GO FASTER during the week!

Each Friday afternoon, we wind down the week by using our Weekly Check In template to reflect on our week and capture wins, opportunities and lessons learned.

It helps us to connect with progress that can too easily be missed or forgotten in our ever busy world.

This tool also gives us a chance to set ourselves up for the following week, so we can head into the weekend knowing we’ve got a jump start on the most important things.

Reflecting in this way on a Friday afternoon can help you shut the door on your working week and allow you to head into a weekend of freedom. At the same time, your brain is being trained to look out for these rewarding moments as the week unfolds.

Click here to download your printable copy now.

While you’re here, if your team is in need of support or a shake up, check out how we’re flipping the script on mindset, resilience and leadership training:

SPEAKING – Virtual + In Person

They don’t call us the most refreshing take on mindset, resilience, leadership and productivity for nothing.

Create an event that gets 5 star feedback and rave reviews.

In House Workshops + Team Days

Taking your team off the tools is a big investment of time and resources. Let us help you make the most of this by setting up a productive, open mindset for the day.

Disrupt the daily grind, change behaviour on the day and leave your team with tools for lasting change.

Training + Coaching Programs

Our signature program that’s tailored to getting you a good night’s sleep.

Whether it’s a change in CEO, burnout is fast approaching, or you need to turn your team’s performance around. Our training isn’t just a nice idea.

It’s a necessity.

Change Mindset + Resilience Masterclass

A tailored program to help your team go from catastrophising and treading water to solving problems and navigating change successfully.

One, three and five week programs available.