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Clare Desira, Keynote Speaker


A remarkable message to uplift and inspire. Are you searching for someone who’ll have your audience enthralled, enthused… and ready to take action?

Clare Desira has been called a ‘positivity guru’. Her story is special: in her early twenties, Clare stumbled upon the idea of writing down her ‘top five moments’ of each day. While many of us have flirted with the idea of gratitude journaling and cultivating positive thoughts, Clare – in her signature ‘make it happen’ style – committed to the practice and actually followed through! She’s proceeded to record her ‘top five’ moments every day since (nine years and counting!) and now has over 10 000+ happy memories recorded.

As the benefits of her happiness habit started growing and expanding, Clare knew she needed to spread the word about the power each of us has in our own lives to cultivate positivity and joy. In 2012, she shared her message on the TEDx stage in front of 300 people, and amidst the rave reviews and overwhelming response, realised that she’d unwittingly founded a movement.

These days, Clare – a coach, speaker, writer, and creator of the Top Five Movement Question Cards – shares her message of practical positivity and ‘happiness as a habit’ with audiences across Australia. Her presentations have been called ‘inspiring, engaging, thought provoking, and remarkable’, and she has a reputation for impacting her audiences with her raw, real, accessible message.

Whether she’s speaking to a handful of people or a full auditorium, Clare’s vision for all her speaking engagements is the same — she wants to start a ripple effect which can change the world. It might sound ambitious, but it’s no pipe dream: research shows that those who practice gratitude live longer, and are healthier, happier, more confident, less lonely, more relaxed, more creative, bounce back from hard times quicker, have improved emotional balance and sleep better.

So if Clare can inspire a room-full of people to start recording their top five moments, just think: What difference could that make to their lives? What kind of impact could they go on to create? What kind of world would that look like?

The potential is endless… and the possibility is real. So if you’re looking for someone to light up the stage at your next event, and to expand your audience’s understanding of their true potential and the incredible power of positive thinking, Clare’s your woman…

See Clare in action…

Here’s what others are saying…

“Clare opened our Apple Education team day with a workshop that absolutely left us feeling motivated and energised for the day ahead. We have team members based all over the country so it is important we use our time together openly and effectively. Engaging our team through a focus on positivity couldn’t have been timed better and allowed us to head into the rest of the day ready for productive problem solving and strategising as a team.”

Josh Levy - Business Development Executive Education, Apple

“I was just so inspired by Clare’s presentation. What an amazing initiative and positive contribution she is making to this world! Well done and congratulations Clare for your passion and idea, I just love it and think people like you are remarkable!”

Lauren Pugsley

“Clare’s Top Five Movement talk is inspiring; thought provoking and so well delivered…Congratulations Clare! You should be so, so proud. It is amazing the impact you can have. You really are an inspiration.”

Anne Bennett

“Clare’s address was an ideal start to our conference – passionate, engaging and thematically on-point. Clare told her story effectively and with humour, relating exceptionally well to her audience and leaving students inspired with simple and practical tips to take away and make change in their own lives. Clare was friendly, positive and supportive – a sincere and genuine person as well as a fantastic speaker.

Luke Icely – One Small Thing Conference Director, Federation University Australia

“I have listened to a lot of TED talks and Clare’s Top Five Movement talk is one of my favourites. I have recommended it to teachers I work with.”

Hugh van Cuylenburg, Founding Director, The Resilience Project

“Clare’s sincerity and enthusiasm was all rather heart-warming! A lot of it rang true to me and the Top Five makes a lot of sense”.

MLC employee

Positivity meets practicality. Inspiration meets action. Entertainment meets electric insights. Clare’s keynotes include…

Happiness is a habit: How the Top Five Movement can power up your positivity

This presentation is guaranteed to uplift your audience and have them buzzing with possibility! Science tells us that practicing positive thinking and cultivating an ‘attitude of gratitude’ makes us happier, healthier, more optimistic, more energetic, more likely to exercise, more likely to have rewarding relationships… and the list goes on! Yet despite these incredible benefits, too many people struggle to create a positive mindset and implement habits that will help them get happier. In this keynote, Clare shares her own remarkable story, and details how this one simple practice – recording the Top Five moments of each day – has helped her and thousands of others to find moments of joy, peace and happiness amidst their busy lives. She’ll show the audience how to get the most out of this powerful habit, plus give them some amazing examples to spark them into action!

This talk can be delivered as a 20-minute presentation right through to a 60-minute interactive workshop, and can be tailored to hone in on the topic area most relevant to your audience like:

  • Leadership and career,
  • Confidence,
  • Health,
  • Relationships,
  • Excuses and procrastination and more.

It’s an excellent choice:

  • To kick off your event or training day (and get the room humming straight away and thinking with a lens of possibility),
  • As a closing session (to send them off on a high), or
  • Anywhere in between (to lift energy before or after a challenging session for your team)

In fact, no matter what your agenda, it’s the perfect way to get your audience pumped up with positivity and possibility. They’ll walk away armed with the tools and the inspiration they need to start making real changes to their lives, the type which ripple outwards and create massive impact. In fact, this is one speech that could change their entire world…

Make it happen: The secrets to authentic goal setting and fulfilment

In this potent, practical workshop, participants will be introduced to an entirely new way of setting goals and bringing their vision to life. How many of us have slaved away for years – if not decades – in pursuit of a goal, only to reach it and not feel fulfilled? And how many of us struggle to find the motivation to chase our goals, even though we dream of a life that’s bigger, brighter, better?

In this engaging session, Clare turns the traditional model of goal setting and achievement on its head. Using the Top Five story as a starting point, participants will be walked through the process of identifying their true values and feelings, then using them as a compass to guide them forwards. They’ll also discover how this type of goal setting can help them feel really good along the way – not just when they arrive at their final destination.

An engaging mix of practicality and inspiration, this workshop can be tailored for anything from one hour to a full day. Got something else in mind? Clare loves to talk about everything related to…

  • The power of positive thinking. Excuses that hold us back.
  • Cultivating happiness. Creating an attitude of gratitude.
  • Everyday joy and fulfilment. How daily habits can change your life. If you’re after an extra special speech, or have something specific in mind, please get in touch.

Want to book Clare for your next event?

For fees and further details, please shoot through an email to: clare (at) topfivemovement (dot) com with:

• An overview of your event and audience
• A brief explanation of what you are hoping to achieve
• Location, time and date of your event, and
• The estimated amount of time on your agenda.

We’ll then get back to you with a quote and more information as soon as possible!


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