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Clare Desira, Keynote Speaker


Making Positivity Practical

Over the last 14 years I’ve had the opportunity to speak with audiences from 10 to over a thousand.  My work is centred around designing, delivering and directing personal development and leadership programs for a wide range of audiences including leadership programs, universities teams, schools, small business owners, conferences, kicking off corporate team days and more.

I’ll kick off your team day, lift the energy of the mid day slump, or close your event with people fired up and ready for action.

Use Your Upcoming Event To Inspire Positive Action

I get it. As an event manager you’ve got so many balls in the air.  You’ve finally booked the venue.  You’ve sent out the save the date calendar invites or meeting placeholders.  And there’s still a million other things you need to organise for your event.

While you’re busy pulling this event off, did you know your audience has thoughts and feelings about attending your event?

Average, Nervous, Curious.

Hopeful, Skeptical.


Is This Even Relevant To Me?

These are real thoughts a team at a leading Australian organisation had at the start of their team day.  This is absolutely normal because we’re all busy and those inboxes don’t stop filling up just because we’re on a team day, but I’m totally used to changing people’s minds and openness to receiving new information, connecting with others and participating on days like these.

For this particular event I spoke in the morning and this is what the same people reported after just an hour of my time:

Optimistic, Encouraged, Supported, Positive.

Inspired, Engaged, Happy.

Positive And Helpful.


It doesn’t matter how many RSVPs you get, each individual’s thoughts are going to creep in and really impact your event.

It’s a big investment to bring your team together and take them off the tools for the day. I know you might have big plans, opportunities or challenges to tackle for the day, too. That’s  why you need your people to be fully present, energised and ready to contribute.


So how do you get the most out of your event?

Bring me in for the first hour.

I’ll cover your icebreaker and have your team positively participating in the entire day which they’ll be able to carry over into their week, their month + their year.

Let’s work together to kick your event off with something special.

Let’s instrumentally change their perspective on the day, their lives and the world.

See Clare in action at TEDx in 2012

What can Clare speak about?

Instrumental ways to shift your mindset + happiness.

In these keynote speeches or interactive workshops, Clare presents a simple but powerful way to understand the impact our thoughts have on how we feel and show up everyday.  Clare also shares simple tools which has an instrumental impact on our daily mindset and health.

Independent evaluation showed that just one morning session with Clare resulted in behaviour change that was still in place six months later.  

Got a business problem or opportunity? I can bet you mindset shifts will support your team to move forward.

I’ve delivered workshops to support various organisational challenges including recovering from a business crisis, motivating teams, priming audiences to be open and ready to contribute.

My presentations are most commonly timed:

  • To kick off your event or training day to get the room humming straight away and thinking with a lens of possibility,
  • As a closing session to send your audience off on a high, or
  • Anywhere in between to lift energy before or after a challenging session for your team

Each + Every Presentation Is Tailored To Your Unique Event


My most requested topics include how mindset amplifies these areas of our lives:

  • Thriving during organisational challenges + opportunities
  • Leadership + career
  • Social change
  • Confidence
  • Health including physical + mental
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Goal Setting
  • Excuses + procrastination

Positivity Meets Practicality

Inspiration Meets Action

Get Results

Each session is tailored to your event requirements. From a 20 minute presentation right through to a 90 minute interactive workshop and a half or full day workshop, every presentation is jam packed with tools and resources that any audience member can apply across their professional + personal life.


Here’s what others are saying…

Clare opened our Apple Education team day with a workshop that absolutely left us feeling motivated and energised for the day ahead. We have team members based all over the country so it is important we use our time together openly and effectively. Engaging our team through a focus on positivity couldn’t have been timed better and allowed us to head into the rest of the day ready for productive problem solving and strategising as a team.

Josh Levy - Business Development Executive Education, Apple

Clare’s address was an ideal start to our conference – passionate, engaging and thematically on-point. Clare told her story effectively and with humour, relating exceptionally well to her audience and leaving students inspired with simple and practical tips to take away and make change in their own lives. Clare was friendly, positive and supportive – a sincere and genuine person as well as a fantastic speaker.

Luke Icely – One Small Thing Conference Director, Federation University Australia

Clare was very easy to deal with.  During part of the session she gave our audience the chance to choose their own adventure on which areas of mindset they were most interested in learning about. Clare left me and our audience feeling inspired, with a positive outlook and excited to make changes in everyday life.  Clare brought value through relevance to proactive leaders, easy to listen to, humorous, light hearted, engaged audience after previous “heavy” industry topics.

Peter Thomas, Operations Manager, Insight Leadership Conference


Clare is one of the best facilitators I have ever seen in action. Clare was warm, professional, entertaining and thoughtful and made each participant feel valued and ensured their voice was heard. Some of the words used by participants at the end of the session were inspired, challenged, motivated, refreshed, focused and energised.


Lauren Owens, Diversity + Inclusion Manager, NAB

As a facilitator and presenter, Clare has a way of connecting with a large group of people in an extremely genuine and personal way. Clare’s effervescent personality energises everyone in the room and her ability to draw on experiences and provide relevant examples inspires her audience to think and act in a more positive way.

Jodie Boyd, Diversity + Inclusion Consultant, NAB


I have listened to a lot of TED talks and Clare’s Top Five Movement talk is one of my favourites. I have recommended it to teachers I work with.


Hugh van Cuylenburg, Founding Director, The Resilience Project

“As a management team we needed to regroup following some organisational challenges.  We planned two days together and to help us get the most of our valuable time together, Clare kicked us off with a session on mindset.  After Clare’s session our team felt excited, grounded, positive, equipped and ready to focus on recovery.  The framework Clare shared added to our planning sessions and has since become part of our ways of working – it has already been used by our HR and Corporate Affairs teams.”

Kelly Quirke, Corporate Affairs Director, Royal Canin Pacific (mars)

“Clare presented a lunchtime workshop for our team and some of the other businesses that work at the White House (Dumbo Feather, Beatrix Rowe, B-lab).  Clare provided useful and inspiring tools to help us change focus, shift perspective and make such a big difference to how we experience life.  Clare walks her talk and is radiant and infectious – our office has a new lease on happiness.”



“I’ve booked Clare three times to support my team and a conference that brings leaders in our industry together (and I’ve already booked her in already for another event in 2018).  After Clare’s workshop our team now have tools to shift their mindset during change from a fear of failure and frustration to feeling empowered, confident and ready to contribute. Any team can benefit from a mindset reboot with Clare.

I look forward to watching my staff develop both personally and in their working career over the coming months from Clare’s inspirational presentation.”


Want to make it happen for your event?

Thanks for dropping by and considering me for your next event.  I am excited to hear from you and to understand how we can work together:

  • To kick off your event or training day (and get the room humming straight away and thinking with a lens of possibility),
  • To close your event (right before your audience fills out those feedback forms and to send them off on a high), or
  • Anywhere in between (to lift energy before or after a challenging session for your team)

In fact, no matter what your agenda, this is the perfect way to get your audience pumped up with positivity and possibility. They’ll walk away armed with the tools and the inspiration they need to start making real changes to their lives, the type which ripple outwards and create massive impact. In fact, this is one presentation that could change their entire world…


How many packs would you like to buy?