One of the biggest lessons for people working in leadership and for-purpose roles is the need to be able to navigate uncertainty and work within ambiguity. 

The stock standard advice is to learn how to get comfortable during change. But that’s outdated thinking.

The landscape has shifted and we’re living in a constant state of change. Rather than wanting to get comfortable, it’s time to get confident during change. 

That’s what I discussed with Sasha Courville, Chief Impact Officer of Bank Australia on our Leading Generous Teams podcast this week. 

Sasha has spent decades working on international social justice and environmental sustainability issues as an academic, consultant, director, corporate executive and in many more roles as you’ll hear.

Sasha was deeply involved in setting up the Fairtrade labeling system in Australia and New Zealand and was a post director for theUN Global Compact Network Australia. Sasha was Executive, Social Impact at NAB where she led efforts to embed sustainability into group strategy, focusing shared value responses to society’s biggest challenges

In this episode:

  • How Sasha Courville fuels and engages her team, even during change

  • Insights into techniques for getting confident with change

  • The ingredients for bringing people on board for large scale change


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