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CASE STUDY: IFM Investors – What does a 100% hit rate for building team resilience actually look like?

Shifting a culture isn’t easy. Bringing together a group of individuals both new and familiar with their organisation to work towards a common goal of repositioning their role in the organisation to true strategic partners? Even harder. Especially when everyone in the thick of navigating broader organisational change. But that’s exactly the position Paula Benson, Head of Global Brand, Marketing & Communications at IFM Investors, was in when she decided to work with us. As a strategic, proactive and energetic leader of high performing teams, Paula knew everyone was feeling stretched. There was a lack of confidence, burn out from the past two years [...]

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Bonus Episode: Inherited a team with the wrong attitude?

Inherited a team that is stuck in old ways of thinking + working? The ol’ “Hire for attitude, train for skill,” doesn’t cut it anymore. We’ve all heard the saying “Hire for attitude, train for skill,” and that’s nice, but how often do you get to build a team from scratch?  More often than not, our teams are a patchwork of other people’s decisions and history. So when you inherit a team, the “hiring for attitude” ship has sailed. In this episode: Why this happens Why it’s critical to "train for attitude" How to get some complimentary [...]

CASE STUDY: Melbourne University – What does a 100% hit rate for building team resilience actually look like?

You're leading a team. You’re feeling stretched after ongoing uncertainty. And if you’re honest with yourself, you haven’t felt like yourself in what feels forever. Something needs to change and you’re not talking about another general wellness webinar. You’re looking for something deeply tailored to your team that delivers real, sustainable change. You’re not alone. All leaders are feeling this in some way. As a leader of a fast growing team, Annaliese McPharlin, Operations Manager at the University of Melbourne, knew everyone was feeling stretched. She’d heard Clare speak and immediately knew it was different from other training programs. When it was time for [...]


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