Shifting a culture isn’t easy. Bringing together a group of individuals both new and familiar with their organisation to work towards a common goal of repositioning their role in the organisation to true strategic partners? Even harder.

Especially when everyone in the thick of navigating broader organisational change.

But that’s exactly the position Paula Benson, Head of Global Brand, Marketing & Communications at IFM Investors, was in when she decided to work with us.

As a strategic, proactive and energetic leader of high performing teams, Paula knew everyone was feeling stretched. There was a lack of confidence, burn out from the past two years of uncertainty, and a lack of balance outside of work.

Paula identified the need to work together to build trust and connections amongst the group, to build greater change mindset skills and resilience and to equip the team with new strategies to make work-life more meaningful.

That’s when she reached out to Top Five Movement and booked in our signature program.

Fast forward a few months after our program finished, we received a report from Paula and her team that the learnings from our program are still alive and well.

People have been taken out of their comfort zone, stepped into their own voice and have delivered great outcomes, for them individually, for the team and the broader organisation. And the tools they have learnt will help everyone continue to make a huge contribution. There is greater integrity in people performing their roles.

And we hear that often because we give you the repeatable tools and resources that you can apply daily, even when there are competing priorities and the ‘busyness’ feels all too consuming.

Take a look at these stats from Paula’s team:

100% of the team reported TIME savings

  • Awareness of thought provides a shift in energy and efficiencies

  • HEP thinking supports me to get so much time back

  • No longer stuck thinking about the negative

  • Becoming more efficient – an anxious mind is not an efficient mind

  • Setting greater boundaries and learning to delegate

100% of the team reported increased CONFIDENCE

  • I have more courage

  • I have more clarity, leading to confidence and better decision making

  • I am being brave

  • I have a greater self-awareness

  • I back myself and am now curious about uncertainty

100% of the team reported FEELING MORE CONNECTED

  • Nice to know we are are all human and we are not alone

  • If we didn’t have this extra space to connect, I may not have asked the team for support

  • There is now a commitment to working as part of this team, to be as connected + supportive as possible to everyone

  • We are a cohesive + supportive team + I value the relationships highly

100% of the team reported they’re bringing MORE IMPACT + VALUE to their role/team

  • I am more present + engaged

  • Speaking up – trusting in my expertise

  • I can see the bigger picture, can plan and focus, and can be more productive

  • HEP thoughts have a flow on effect and enable me to better add value to all aspects of work-life

  • Slowing down to go faster and to contribute more of myself

Building team resilience

This isn’t an exception. Receiving these results is the norm for our team.

Are you ready to deliver a 100% hit rate in time savings, confidence lifts, and impact and value for your team? Book some time in my diary and let’s chat.