As a leader it makes sense to do team building work when you’ve got a full team right? 

The truth is, there’s so much change and movement within roles and across organisations right now that having a full team is rare.

And every day you wait on team building is another day that the culture you’re trying to shift is under pressure. 

If you want to future-proof your culture, it starts now, by focusing on your current team, regardless of a few empty roles on the org chart.

That’s where we met Will Wettenhall. 

Will heads up an Environment + Community team and when he reached out to Top Five, things were in a pretty dire situation. People were resigning, it felt like the work was building up more and more, and naturally under the pressure, the team had built some unhealthy work habits.

Will had two goals:

  • Keep the current (and exhausted) team together. 
  • Future-proof the best parts about their culture so they could attract and keep great new people. 

Will booked us in for our signature program and we got to work circuit breaking their exhaustion. We set the team up with neuroscience hacks that were easy and quick to implement daily, and day by day started rebuilding their culture in the thick of change. And brought new starters onto the program as they joined.

Flash forward three months and Will said, “I couldn’t have imagined where we were going to get to. The tools that we can take away with us, the trust, the vulnerability, the openness, I never saw that coming. I could only hope for it, but it has by far and away exceeded any expectations of what I thought we could get out of doing something like this. I am so proud of the culture we have built together. Together we are unbreakable.”

Take a look at these stats from Will’s team:

100% of the team reported TIME savings / increased PRODUCTIVITY

  • I no longer waste time questioning myself

  • Less time wasted in negative thoughts + doubt

  • Circuit breaking thinking has freed up time

  • I am more structured + productive

  • Less time chasing my tail

  • HEP thinking has cut off any negative spirals

  • Less time spent ruminating

100% of the team reported increased CONFIDENCE

  • I know I am heading in the right direction + have put strategies in place to help support me

  • This has suppressed my natural negative thinking

  • Reframing thoughts helps me be more courageous

  • I have stopped questioning myself

  • I have the evidence to prove I can do this

  • No longer afraid to ask for feedback, or for help

  • I know what I am talking about – I have the knowledge required

100% of the team reported bringing MORE IMPACT + VALUE to their roles

  • New habits + holding myself to account

  • There is value in bringing more of myself to the team

  • I now understand that it is not all on me…

  • I am learning something new and sharing with the team, every day

  • I speak more openly and share my knowledge more, to bring greater value to the team

  • I now have the freedom to share my voice in a broad audience

100% reported feeling MORE CONNECTED to their role + org

  • Great to share common challenges + goals

  • Across the board we are all similar and all still a work in progress

  • Greater communication within the team

  • I don’t have the same background, but I know I have the team to support me and we can do it together

  • We have a really good team + sense of belonging

  • The E+C Team is a safe space

Building team resilience

We love working with generous leaders + open leaders like Will. Leaders that don’t want their team to cope through change but to become “unbreakable” through change. 

This isn’t an exception. Receiving these results is the norm for our team.

Are you ready to deliver a 100% hit rate in time savings, confidence lifts, and impact and value for your team? Book some time in my diary and let’s chat.