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EXPERT INSIGHT: Myths About “Finding Your Purpose” + What to Try Instead

In our fourth bonus episode, host Clare Desira, expands on opportunities for generous leaders to proactively build their own resilience, well being and mental health and extend this to their teams. In this episode, Clare shares: A common myth about "finding our purpose" A personal story about finding purpose during challenging times An easy framework + reflection questions for bringing more purpose into your work and life Never miss an episode Listen and subscribe to the Leading Generous Teams podcast on your favourite app so that you never [...]

Feel Like You’re Treading Water? You Need This…

How are you? Anyone else struggling to answer this question right now? Like most of us, Alison from our team has had her fair share of wobbles during the recent months, but always comes back to our Daily To FEEL List to help reset. "Working out what really matters THAT DAY calms my anxiety and any overwhelming feelings. I use the list kind of like a contract with myself for the day: this is how I want to feel; a little bit of focus on this task will go a long way; I need to do this task to feel free... For such a [...]

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Stressed? Tricky Stakeholder? Try this…

Picture this. It was make or break. It was the evening before one of the biggest opportunities for Top Five. I was going to be front and centre at the Employer Of Choice Breakfast with the 80 best employers of their industry. Not only that, but the state government was also endorsing my work as ‘an organisation that can truly build supportive, productive and mentally healthy workplaces’  plus one of clients was going to be sharing how our work supported them through a tricky merge. An opportunity like this is the stuff dreams are made of. So, I arrived at the hotel with [...]

This Guy’s Career Was About To Be Over

I felt sorry for the reporter who in the midst of the Corona news accidentally threw in an old update. The Corona chaos had caught him out in a public way. The other news stations would have a field day and he’d probably become a meme for this mistake. The breaking news… Tom Hanks has Corona virus.  I’d heard it five days before. And then I realised.  I should be the meme. A meme of someone pushing refresh on their screen as they were desperately seeking an update. It was fresh news from that day. I’d fallen into the news treadmill and felt [...]

Two Snakes + a Brain Hijacking

So there we were, the four of us, each standing on a rock in the stream and our hearts pounding with fear.  We were a team but we may as well have been 100 miles apart. We were on a "team building" weekend for a leadership program we ran together.  Sally, Rich, Ange and I.  We were taking on the 7 km bush track from Lorne up to Erskine Falls and at exactly halfway in Sal walked over a tiger snake. Sal was on one side of the path and the rest of us were stuck paralysed on the other side. Too scared [...]

Let’s play a game…

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring three things with you, what would they be? Me? I’d take... mint slices soda water gratitude Gratitude? What?! It’s not so I can sit on the beach looking out at the ocean and feeling blissful and #blessed being stranded. It’s not about positively thinking my way out of this Castaway situation. It’s about survival. Because right now, if you're stranded on a desert island, then you’re likely reeling with a negativity bias. You’re dialled into the worst case [...]

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