How can you motivate and lead teams when the work never ends?

For system reform and social change, there are two types of boundaries you need to understand.

The ones that you can push for better outcomes. And just as importantly, the ones you need to set for yourself.

No one knows this better than Nada Nasser, State Director – NSW/ACT/VIC of Mission Australia.

And this is what we talked about on this week’s Leading Generous Teams podcast.

In her role at Mission Australia, Nada Nasser leads 260 services across homelessness; child, youth and family; employment; mental health; AOD; strengthening communities and other community services. She has a deep commitment to improving outcomes for individuals, families and communities.

In this episode:

  • How Nada Nasser fuels and engages her team, even during change

  • Insights into techniques for resetting + recharging leadership

  • How she balances pushing boundaries of system reform + the boundaries she needs to set to managing her own resilience + bring her team hope.

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