Greater Western Water Executive, Rohan Charrett on how to build connected rather than burnt out teams through change

Getting to the end isn’t good enough. Whether it’s to the end of the year, the end of a restructure, or the end of a transformation project. It’s not about transactions and checklists. It’s about how you lead. This is what we talked about with Rohan Charrett, an Executive with Greater Western Water on our Leading Generous Teams podcast this week. In this episode: What’s more important than just getting to the end result How to build connected rather than burnt out teams through change Insights into techniques for resetting + recharging leadership [...]

Sacred Heart Mission CEO + ACOSS President, Hang Vo on pacing your passion for stronger leadership + building team motivation

Being a passionate leader is an outdated goal. In fact, trying to run your team on passion alone is akin to running a team on adrenaline. It’s just not sustainable. And it can get in the way of strong leadership. This is what we talked about with Sacred Heart Mission CEO, Hang Vo on our Leading Generous Teams podcast this week. Within a second of meeting Hang, you know she’s a passionate force but Hang shares how she’s learnt to pace her passion as a CEO, because not everyone is encouraged and motivated by it alone. As a self-diagnosed passionate leader, [...]

Royal Canin ANZ Director, Kelly Quirke on how to not miss the leadership lessons that build team motivation and performance

We work with a lot of teams in crisis. And where leaders are blindsided by incident after incident, we see the opportunity for people to find a performance edge and not miss the leadership lessons this crisis will bring. This is what we talked about with Kelly Quirke, Royal Canin ANZ’s Vet Advocacy Director on our Leading Generous Teams podcast this week. We discussed how Kel has captured the leadership lessons after years of leading teams through issues and crises. With more than 15 years’ experience in managing crises and communications for leading global organisations, Kelly currently leads the veterinary business [...]

Brain Cancer Centre CEO + Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer GM, Sam McGuane on how to leverage imposter syndrome to drive purpose + build team motivation

When discussing imposter syndrome, it’s really common to find articles to “overcome it” but the truth is, your imposter syndrome can give you an edge. This is what we talked about with The Brain Cancer Centre CEO + Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer GM, Sammy McGuane on our Leading Generous Teams podcast this week. We discussed how Sammy leverages his imposter syndrome to drive purpose. In 2017 Sam became Director and General Manager of Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer Foundation. Sam leads the business and it’s people which has generated over $22M for brain cancer research. Since 2021 Sam has managed [...]

Why saying “it could be worse” is damaging your culture

You’re a positive force of nature. You’re a helper. A fixer. You solve problems quickly. You’re so outcome focussed.  So when your workmate asks you how you’re going, you reply: “I’ve got major Zoom fatigue and I’m struggling a little bit.” And it’s quickly followed by: …”but it could be worse.” You’re not the only one. We’ve seen thousands of people who are starting to scratch the surface with how they’re feeling but dismissing it before they’ve had a chance to fully acknowledge it, let alone process it.  I’ve still got a job. It could be worse. Some people have it harder. Which all [...]

Whitelion Youth’s Deputy CEO, Tanya Hendry, on navigating the pace, art + balance of leadership so you don’t send your team backwards

As a leader, you bring a load of experience to the role. When people are looking for answers to problems, you naturally come up with ten of them. But sharing your solutions too soon can send your team backwards.  This is what we talked about with Tanya Hendry, Deputy CEO of Whitelion Youth this week of our Top Five Movement leadership podcast, Leading Generous Teams.  Tanya has over 20 years’ experience as a senior organisational leader within the health care and non-profit sectors. She is passionate about social justice and being person-centred, with a strong focus on  hearing the voice of [...]

Award winning executive, Ann-Marie Chamberlain on how to make the most of a bad leader.

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable. You’ve landed with a leader who isn’t generous. It’s bad but not bad enough to leave. So what do you do? On the podcast with Ann-Marie Chamberlain, we spoke about how to make the most of a bad leader so you don’t miss a hidden opportunity. Ann-Marie is a multiple award winning executive and community leader, board member and experienced coach. In her “spare time” you’ll find Ann-Marie thinking strategically as the Chair of Volunteering SA/NT, as a Trustee for Kalyra Communities and a Director at the Police Credit Union.    Ann-Marie is a two time winner of the [...]

The mental marathons + how they fuel or damage team resilience

We’re told we make teams stronger than they’ve ever been. We’re told by teams that they’re more honest and respectful than they’ve ever been. We’re told teams have more honest, clear + assertive communication after our programs.  So how are we able to help teams manage conflict and communication? What we actually do is, get to the heart of what is driving people in any of these situations. Because the reality is, before anyone is in the meeting room, the thing that’s most likely to influence how they turn up, started hours before. We call it the mental run up. From the moment they [...]

UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Co-Chair, John Thwaites on timing those tricky and charged conversations

We’ve all heard the saying it’s all about timing, which eludes to waiting for the right time in the calendar or season. But what if it’s not about waiting. It’s about getting into the right mindset before you nosedive into those tricky and charged conversations. That’s what we spoke about with John Thwaites in this week’s Top Five Movement Leading Generous Teams podcast.  John is a Co-Chair of the Leadership Council of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (“SDSN”) launched by the Secretary General of the United Nations to provide expert advice and support to the development and implementation of the [...]

Our Watch CEO, Patty Kinnersly, on how to use your team to change your mindset on hard days

When you’re not feeling like you’re on your game, motivation’s waning, and you can’t talk yourself out of your funk, no matter how many positive affirmations you recite, it’s time to look towards your team.  In this episode with Patty Kinnersly, Chief Executive Officer of Our Watch + Vice President of the Carlton Football Club Board, we discuss a really powerful technique to use your team to change your mindset in an unexpected way. Our Watch, a not-for-profit organisation established to drive nationwide change in the structures, norms and practices that lead to violence against women and their children. A leading [...]

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