“How many letters in the alphabet?”

Team trivia are all fun and games, unless you’re using them as the one and only solution to team wellbeing.

We know why it’s happening. Leaders are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They know their team’s struggling, they’re close to burn out which can lead to those feelings of disconnection and loneliness. And in the “good ol’ pre-pandemic days” a couple of beers and rounds of trivia on a Friday night to circuit break was helpful.

But using trivia as your only means to reconnect, refuel, and recharge your team isn’t going to cut it.

So, why are we seeing this trend?

The wrong people are being asked to do the job to drive their team’s wellbeing.

They’ve got a full job description and it doesn’t include becoming a behaviour change expert overnight, yet the message is being passed down to prioritise their team’s wellbeing.

Like asking an accountant to do a marketing person’s job, a marketing person to fix an IT system or your mechanic to knit you a jumper.

It’s not good business.

When you ask the wrong people to do the job they’re not qualified to do, it creates more stress and pressure.

For the leader who’s trying to come up with solutions, and do their day job, and navigate their own hybrid working challenges – the additional stress and pressure of managing their team’s wellbeing is a distraction. It’s asking them during their most challenging time to unnecessarily learn a new skill.

For the team who are feeling like their tank is empty and stretched at the same time – it’s a momentary distraction that doesn’t change anything when people get back to the daily grind.

How does an organisation do it differently?

The issue isn’t that you don’t care.

It’s how your company is serving up wellbeing.

It’s about building sustainable behavioural changes. Not about the shiny distraction that comes and goes quickly.

Mindset and wellbeing isn’t a one off event. It’s about getting your team’s buy-in to change the way they think and show up.

It’s about learning to reset, refuel, and recharge using practical tools that actually work in the real world.

Mindset and wellbeing done right is about getting teams to build trust in new ways.

That’s what we do really well.

Mindset and resilience training that’s just as fun as trivia, with practical tools you can actually use back in the real world.

If you’d like to talk about how our programs can support your team’s resilience, fuel their confidence or help them get unstuck, book some time in my diary and let’s chat.

See you soon,

P.S. There are 8 letters in the alphabet… A-L-P-H-A-B-E-T! Don’t you hate a trick question?