Welcome to another interview from Leading Generous Teams, where we’ll be chatting with leaders about how they’re supporting their teams through the difficulties of COVID-19 and where they are finding their own support.

In this episode Tanya Armstrong, General Manager at Launch Housing, talks about refuelling team resilience when the work feels very, very hard.

Launch provide high quality housing and an innovative range of support, education and employment services. They bring together solutions to homelessness under one roof for thousands of people who are at risk of, or currently experiencing, the crisis and trauma of homelessness. Tanya cares fiercely and deeply about fair treatment for people who face disadvantage, and for almost a couple of decades she’s held leadership positions in the community housing and homelessness sectors.

In this episode:

  • Tanya shares how the right boundaries fuel team resilience

  • Tanya shares how she supports her own mental health, mindset + resilience + how this extends to her team

  • Host, Clare Desira, expands on some of Tanya’s most important tips + leaves you with a practical tips to try yourself and with your teams

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