When you’re not feeling like you’re on your game, motivation’s waning, and you can’t talk yourself out of your funk, no matter how many positive affirmations you recite, it’s time to look towards your team. 

In this episode with Patty Kinnersly, Chief Executive Officer of Our Watch + Vice President of the Carlton Football Club Board, we discuss a really powerful technique to use your team to change your mindset in an unexpected way.

Our Watch, a not-for-profit organisation established to drive nationwide change in the structures, norms and practices that lead to violence against women and their children. A leading health, welfare and education professional, Patty was Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Health Grampians for nine years, before joining Our Watch. Patty has extensive governance experience, serving on the boards of Ballarat Health Services, the Australian Women’s Health Network, Rural Northwest Health, and Child and Family Services Ballarat. 

In this episode:

  • How Patty fuels and engages her team, even during change

  • The lessons Patty draws on to keep herself and her team motivated, even on hard days

  • Insights into techniques for resetting + recharging leadership

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