You’re leading a team. You’re feeling stretched after ongoing uncertainty. And if you’re honest with yourself, you haven’t felt like yourself in what feels forever.

Something needs to change and you’re not talking about another general wellness webinar. You’re looking for something deeply tailored to your team that delivers real, sustainable change.

You’re not alone. All leaders are feeling this in some way.

As a leader of a fast growing team, Annaliese McPharlin, Operations Manager at the University of Melbourne, knew everyone was feeling stretched.

She’d heard Clare speak and immediately knew it was different from other training programs.

When it was time for Annaliese to plan her team’s next professional development, she wanted to push the boundaries and do something different. She wanted to give her team something tangible to hold onto and look back on for years to come.

That’s when she reached out to Top Five Movement and booked in our signature program.

Fast forward a few months after our program finished, we received a report from Annaliese that the learning is still alive.

And we hear that often because we give you the repeatable tools and resources that you can actually apply even on your busiest days.

Take a look at these stats from Annaliese’s team:

100% of the team reported TIME savings

  • I’m not only saving time, but through the program my relationship with time has new meaning. I’m recognising how much has been done and achieved in my time.
  • In the past I tended to overthink. I would think through every scenario with a focus on negative versions. HEP thinking is supporting me to get so much time back.

  • I’m saving time through setting stronger space and boundaries.
  • I am no longer getting paralysed in a shell of fear before asking a question or sharing ideas.
  • The way I used to think impacted my time. I’m getting so much more out of my time now.

100% of the team reported increased CONFIDENCE

  • Taking stock of achievements and have greater self-belief – I’ve learnt not to underestimate myself, how capable I am and how much I achieve on a daily basis.
  • I’ve shifted from scared to onwards and upwards everyday.
  • More courage is fueling a shift in confidence + letting go of fear – I can now say things without hesitating 100 times.
  • Letting go of the imposter syndrome.

100% of the team reported they’re bringing MORE IMPACT + VALUE to their role/team

  • Greater willingness to try new things and be open to change – this new confidence is reminding me that new projects will be another thing I can do. It has been an eye opener.
  • Permission to do things in a more considered way and being able to connect in new ways has strengthened us as a team and is generating new energy… it has injected new life into the team.
  • My confidence and clarity is leading to much faster decision making.

Building team resilience

This isn’t an exception. Receiving these results is the norm for our team.

Are you ready to deliver a 100% hit rate in time savings, confidence lifts, and impact and value for your team? Book some time in my diary and let’s chat.