Welcome to another interview from Leading Generous Teams, where we’ll be chatting with leaders about how they’re supporting their teams through the difficulties of COVID-19 and where they are finding their own support.

In this episode we caught up with Simon Griffiths, CEO of Who Gives a Crap. You’re likely to know this Aussie brand that sells good looking, forest friendly toilet paper, paper towels and tissues direct-to-consumer. Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need. As much as Simon loves toilet paper, Simon started the business for its impact, with the company on a mission to improve access to hygiene, clean water and basic sanitation in developing countries. Since founding the company back in 2013, Who Gives A Crap has donated more than $10 million.

In this episode:

  • Simon shares how Who Gives a Crap leaders innovated early (as always) to support their global team through their biggest growth opportunity (and some fails, wins and revolutions along the way)

  • Simon generously shares what he does to support his own mental health, mindset + resilience + how this extends to this team

  • Host, Clare Desira, expands on some of Simon’s most important tips + leaves you with a practical tips to try yourself and with your teams

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Other Links + Resources

To learn more about Who Gives a Crap see: https://au.whogivesacrap.org

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